Keep your B2B partners under control with Marketing Technology

How can marketers be able to speed up to meet the needs of consumers in a timely manner? And optimize the backyard process to have the potential to create sales goals successfully. Khun Jittipong Lertpradit, author of the book “Marketing Technology Trend 2022” and Head of Digital Marketing, Plus Property Co., Ltd., shared his experience of using Marketing Technology with the participants of the SCB IEP Project, B2B Model 17 B2B: Digital Commerce. To help entrepreneurs learn professional marketing with Technology

Changing the business world with technology

Khun Jittipong said that in the past 5-6 years ago, when producing a video, one had to hire a Graphic Designer for 30,000 baht, hire an editor for 30,000 baht, had to buy Adobe Photoshop, and pay a royalty fee of 10,000 baht per month, including expenses. per month about 100,000 baht. Later, there is Adobe Creative Cloud, paid subscription for 10,000 baht per year, but you must hire a Graphic Designer anyway. In the present era, there is a technology called No Coding Platform. It is a web that does not require coding. You can drag and drop and make graphics immediately. For example, if you want to make a mobile app, you can complete it within 7 days. Or in the past, HR, if the system is missing a late arrival Have to hire someone to do the program, it takes 3 months, costs about 150,000 baht, but currently has No Coding Platform, it takes only 1 week to complete. Plus, the service fee is only 300 baht per head. If the company has 20 employees, the cost is only 6,000 baht per month.


The use of Software can help reduce costs, reduce time, do business in a timely manner. Or in the past when making a website, if you want to modify the font or add social media buttons, design must have to wait for the IT side. But nowadays, the entire website can be edited in just 30 minutes. The use of technology in doing business. This makes it more convenient and faster than before, reducing costs and able to open the game to penetrate the business in a timely manner. Therefore, I would like operators to try to study new technologies. to develop their own business.

Know the basics of data collection.

There are two types of data collection

1.  Explicit Data: Customers fill out the information directly to us. both offline and online


  • What kind of business?
  • Annual income
  •  Location
  • Number of employees
  •  Position
  •  Department
  • lJob Level


2.  Implicit Data: Information that the customer is expected to be interested in, such as E-commerce, is viewed from the Wish List that the customer has pressed. and then present the products that the customers are interested in, etc.


How can you use data to grow your business?

When collecting data, we can do Segmentation grouping customers into small groups in various forms such as

  • Demography such as age, gender, occupation, economic status, marital status, family size, education, income per household, whether you own a residence, ethnicity, etc. For example, if you sell a condo, if you know that this customer is single the sales staff knew that studios should be offered more than 2 bedrooms if it was a detached house for an elderly family. The salesperson can suggest a room on the ground floor that can be used as a bedroom for the elderly, for example

  • Geography Look at IP Address to plan a business from seeing Data, for example, a tutoring business has a lot of people from Lopburi visiting the web. Makes me know that there are students who are interested in Lopburi If you want to expand the branch, you can go to open it because there is a high demand, etc.
  • Behavioral such as purchasing behavior, benefits from using the product, the rate of use of the product, opportunity and time of purchase, satisfaction, loyalty, interest in product category, level of engagement, etc. For example, E-Commerce can capture the behavior of this customer that at the end of every month they buy regular products. at a price of not more than 200 baht to increase sales, may send an E-Voucher to inform that if you buy 500 baht, you will receive an additional 5% discount, etc.



Get to know MarTech for B2B businesses

CRM Technology

  A system that helps manage customer relationships from upstream to downstream. 1. Sales Management (Sale Pipeline) The system will help plan the steps of the sales process for the relevant departments to perform such as Marketing, Sales, After-sales Service. Able to manage easier to know which stage our customers are in and what action should be taken to customers. 2. Manage CRM Royalty, such as after purchasing the product, how to return to buy again, buy more, collect points, or give special privileges to customers, etc. (illustration)

From the illustration, there are 3 agencies involved, namely Marketing, Sales and Customer Success. Marketing uses marketing tools such as Content Marketing, SEO/SEM, Social Media, etc. To attract customers to visit the website, drop Lead, then the Sales team will pick up by meeting with customers. Offer to customers to try the product until ordering and the Customer Success team. will be trained to use after sales management as well as encouraging to buy more products and expand the service to other related services. The CRM system has a Dashboard to view reports such as sales overview, how much percent purchase rate, the number of days to close the sale. including seeing how much value each deal can generate, etc

Marketing Automation

 is to use tools or systems to help deliver tasks in both marketing and sales to be driven automatically to reduce the time reduce the use of human labor Helping to save more budget in various aspects (illustration)

From the illustration, when Lead enters the system within 7 days, the system will automatically send an email to invite potential customers to come to the Webinar. If the customer registers, the system will ask for more information to register for the Webinar. The system will send an email to read business research, etc. Marketing Automation helps marketers understand the needs of their customers. Offer what is right for your customers. Able to collect data and analyze customer behavior to increase the likelihood of closing a sale. and help reduce working time from the original manual labor

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

 Marketing tools help centralize data from multiple sources. both offline and online together. This allows marketers to know more insights of their customers. By taking the information that has been analyzed and marketing it back to each customer. For example, this customer who buys stuff at the end of every month is expected to be a salaryman, so before or after the end of the month 7 days will send a coupon to stimulate spending if buying more than 500 baht, give a 20% discount. Or in Singapore, the pizzeria will retrieve the weather forecast. If it rains today, it will shoot Ad to customers in the subway that it's raining today. Can I order pizza in advance before I get home and eat pizza right away, etc.

Visitor Identification Technology

A tool to verify the identity of website visitors from their IP address where they come from. For example, the system says that in the last 30 days, Company A visits the website. When it sees the data, it is enough to know that the company might be interested in our products. The method is to go to LinkedIn and find a list of Marketing Managers to contact us to offer our products. The longitude of the web visitor from which city, country, which these data can be applied to, for example:

o  Localize Web Content: If the company focuses on Chinese customers When the system informs that the IP Address is from China, customers can be sent to the Chinese website immediately.

o   Price Optimization  If the condo is sold, when the system says that if the customer is from Hong Kong, the selling price will be indicated at 5.5 million baht, but if it is from Thailand, it will be sold at 5 million baht.

o   Traffic Analytic  To see the people who come to the web are from what country

o   Security Protection  Help prevent hacking information from hackers, for example if your IP address comes from a strange country. that is probably not a customer group You can enter a block command. 

o   Lead Routing: For example, when selling condos to foreigners, instead of hiring Sale to help sell, they use a method of hiring a country agency to help sell instead when Drop Lead comes to the website. The system will send the name-contact number to the Agency to help sell without having to invest in opening a company. and then share the commission with the agency

When asked what marketing technology a B2B businessperson start should using first, Khun Jittipong suggested that for small companies, a CRM should be in place for order management. But if a company has a lot of customers who want to focus on sending emails, sending SMS, notifications, they should use Marketing Automation or use ERP systems to manage their finances.

Key Takeawayo  

o   Define Data Foundation asks to collect important information first, such as how much is the budget. Who makes the decision and what concerns does the decision maker have?


o   Determine success metrics such as shorter sales cycle or higher retention

o   Choose to store key data (Key Data Attribute) that often affects sales.

o   Select Quick Win Project

o   Segmentations

o   Solution Selection, such as use Open Source, SASS, Custom Code

o   Change Management: Important workflow adjustments Must understand the former working people that the technology will be used. so, must adjust

o   Senior management Must go into detail at first to create BU Champions

Tech Investment Evaluation: There is an evaluation of investments in technology, for example, from getting 100 leads, but when the system comes in to help get more leads, etc.


Determine success indicators

o   Volume: For example, look at the number of Visitor that is more than before.

o   Quality:  For example, look at the conversion rate.

o   Value: For example, how much sales can be generated, how much the average number of orders for each person, how much Customer Lifetime Value

Cost: For example, how much is the Cost Per Acquisition, how much is the Cost Per Click?

 Before parting, Khun Jittipong concluded that using Marketing Technology Technology is just a tool. But the strategy of using technology is different. is the most important thing


Source: SCB IEP Project, Generation 17 B2B: Digital Commerce Khun Jittipong Lertpradit May 19, 2022 at Siam Commercial Bank Headquarter