“Mae Manee” –Helper to the New Generation Business Owners

The most common situations that all sellers would encounter would be when customers pass them that big note and they have no change for it. They have to hurry to their next-door-neighbors to exchange for small notes. Even, nowadays, that transaction can be done through the application, both sellers and buyers will have to wait till the transaction is completed and confirmed. This is a huge bother to grab-and-go customers because the sellers at the shop will have to wait for confirmation from the owner who is not present at the shop at that time. If this happens during the golden hours like lunch break in a shopping area at Central Business District that seller has to take care of many customers at a time, it would be horrifying to imagine all the hassles and financial mistakes that could happen.

To have employees helping to take care of the retail shop, thus, cannot completely lift the burden off the owner. This is because the owner will have to actively check their mobile phone for the transferred amount and confirm it to their employees immediately so that their lovely customers will not have to wait for too long.


From now on, those worries will be cast away because there is “Mae Manee”, a helper of all sellers in transactions. It is developed to another level by adding a function that the owner can add the phone number of their employees. Whenever there is a transaction made, apart from the bank account owner, the notification will be sent to the numbers added as well. There is not need to waste such precious time waiting for the confirmation anymore. It brings convenience to the owner, employee, and customer. All of them can now pay and receive safely and swiftly. Especially, the owner, who will get to have more free time and use this time to add values to their business such as exploring new markets to increase products in the shop, contacting the suppliers to produce more products, or relaxing by going for a movie without having to worry about all these.

Besides, it decreases the workload of managing incomes and expenses because the application will clearly separate the income of the shop and personal transactions from each other. It also reduces the risk of classic crime like counterfeit money and most importantly, it is free of charge. There is no need to pay extra fees for using the service.

Having an application that serves as an electronic wallet can unexpectedly create an opportunity to increase sales. Buyers are not bound by the cash they carry in their wallets because, most of the time, they do not plan to shop, but they happen to like the goods. With an e-wallet and QR code that accepts both cash and credit card payments from any bank, they can immediately make a decision in purchasing the product regardless of its price. Therefore, if you or your employees are silver-tongued, “Mae Manee” might be able to gain money beyond your expectation.

The method to register for Mae Manee application is really simple. The shop owner just has to be a layperson with a saving account or current account (a single account) of SCB and registered SCB EASY application. With these conditions fulfilled, the owner can immediately create an e-wallet for their shop. To add employees’ phone numbers is just a piece of cake. Employees just have to download Mae Manee application, choose the status as an employee and fill in their mobile number and 4-digit password received from the owner, and accept service terms and conditions. They have to reconfirm their identity once more with OTP received from the system.

These easy steps and the real-time transaction will reflect on your phone like a mirror in a way that the owner does not have to keep watch at their shop and screen anymore.