Solve the crisis, arm your sales team with CRM for B2B

With more than 2 decades of experience in the organization Being an SME entrepreneur, a startup that penetrates the B2B market, Mr. Phathai Phadungthin, CEO of Builk One Group, shared his vision of making CRM in B2B business that is more than just a customer data store. But with today's digital technology, the CRM platform has become a tool to develop sales team potential. Create amazing business results.


Khun Phathai said about the nature of start-up business that it focuses on rapid growth, innovation, creativity. Which is different from doing an SME business, which can be based on the theory of Hermawan Kartajaya, the top marketer who co-authored the book Marketing 5.0 on CIEL and PIMP skills that are essential to management. but with the skills that are at different poles Corporate executives need to balance skills on both sides of the equation. for the organization to move forward the details of CIEL and PIMP are as follows:

C  - Creativity                I – Innovation                 E – Entrepreneurship     L – Leadership

P – Productivity            I – Improvement            P- Professionalism         M- Management

CIEL skills are used a lot in start-up businesses, using Creativity to create something new. Develop innovation owner of the management Entrepreneurship doing everything by hand and use leadership to decide every detail. All these contrast with PIMP skills that are guidelines for managing SMEs or organizations with clear KPIs that measure Productivity, using improvements to build on from the old ones. professional management (Professionalism) and work systematically (Management)

“When I was a startup Will focus on Creativity, create new things. But it may not answer the question of Productivity, startups create innovations, but SMEs will build on the old ones. Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurs do everything themselves. But as the company grows, it must hire professionals to help manage it. and work systematically,” said Khun Phathai.


What are the characteristics of a B2B business?

As Khun Phathai has been in the B2B business all along, Mr. Pai sees that the specifics of doing B2B business are 1) how long it takes to close the sale 2) involves multiple departments 3) has a planning and decision-making process. The products in the B2B business are divided into 3 groups:

1)      Products with high complexity, high selling price: projects and systems for governments, large corporations Consulting sales. It takes a long time to close the sale. Use the Account Manager system.

2)      Products with complexity and selling price less than the first group: sold to SMEs together with a shorter closing time than the first group, with repeat purchases, using the Sales Executive sales team

3)       The product is not complicated. Affordable selling price: Self-service selling, self-service such as online sales, stock photo, cloud system, etc.

Recover your organization with B2B CRM

In the Covid crisis, the business overview across the country has been affected. From the beginning, Khun Phai had plans to prepare for a new fundraising round. But the covid must change the way to turn around the company's situation from a loss of 30 million in 2020 to a profit of 10 million baht in 2021. Adjust the proportion of the team to increase the number of cells and use Digital Transformation to answer 3 questions. namely 1) Delight Your Customers creates a good experience for customers 2) Enable Your Workforce to increase efficiency for the team. work better Less tired, smarter 3) Evolve Business Model Look for opportunities to transform your business model into the future,” said Khun Phathai.

The Builk One Group originally had Jubili to manage orders for building materials stores with sales under 500 million, but the coronavirus has made the construction business less bright. Khun Patai set up a warroom to solve the problem and led Jubilee to develop and improve it, a CRM program used to manage customer relationships. which is not used to store customer data solely Because the latter, we will not know the status of the company's contact with customers. However, B2B sales in Thailand consist of 4 factors that need to be improved to develop sales.

·       People Customer Service Sales Team: Change the old habits of the organization. Change people's behaviors and habits with BJ Fogg's Fogg Behavior Model (BMAT).

·       Policy that will work in any way.

·       Process Workflow: B2B sales process consists of 7-8 steps. Sales process development requires conversion rate metrics at every step to improve work patterns and increase conversion rates.


Sales process


How to improve

1)     Find/create sales opportunities

Number of Opportunities/Week


2)      Make an appointment

% met/contact

Improve sales Script

3)      Present


Ask customer problems

4)     Follow up

Sales activity report

Follow work 5-8 times

5)      Eliminate arguments

Answering questions

FAQ และ Case Studies

6)      Negotiate

Discounts, giveaways, conditions

Create value over price give a gift in return for a discount

7)     Close the sale

Purchase order sales


8)      Aftersales Services

 Repeat Order

Interpersonal art


·  Program Choose a program that is suitable for the organization. The Builk Group's JUBILI Solution for SME program combines 3 principles as follows:

Proven Best Practices from all sales theories including Sales Funnel, Customer Status, Hotness, Decision Making Unit for B2B Customers, Sales Equation and KPIs measurement (Measure what matters).

o   Team Collaboration Focus on Customer Centric, Must Do List, Use Voice-to-Text Input as Mobile Responsive, See Sales Workflow. End of the whole process. Help with various documents, including bringing data to prepare various sales reports automatically, reducing the work of sales in documents and doing Data Analytic for in-depth analysis of various matters and having Activity-Based Collaboration characteristics It is a social media in the organization. Mainly talking about customers

o   Easy to use on the cloud, easy to use from anywhere be safe

B2B CRM programs are not for collecting customer data. And it's more than a customer relationship management tool. It is an Empower Workforce tool and customer satisfaction. In Khun Phathai's opinion, B2B CRM is a tool to develop sales team potential. Like human resource development (HRD) programs, use data to train and develop sales teams. to work efficiently and increase sales for successful SME businesses

Source: Webinar, SCB IEP project, version 17 B2B Digital Commerce: CRM for B2B on May 26, 2022