NIA SCB IBE: Tech meets SME, creating partners to drive digital business

In the Digital Economy era, technology has become an important driving force of the economy. The emergence of a Tech Company founded by new entrepreneurs is an important extension to strengthen the business. Because it cannot be denied that in today's business world Technology has become a key factor affecting the competitiveness of players in the market. SCB, therefore, collaborated with NIA to organize the NIA SCB Innovation-Based Enterprise (IBE) training course, creating opportunities for Tech Company groups to meet with SMEs in order to learn Insight from SME and SME business to learn technology to further build. Strong business partner.

At the NIA SCB Innovation-Based Enterprise (IBE) Preview Day, there was a discussion on "Shift Business with Right Partner" by experts in the Tech Business industry, including, Khun Pariwat Wongsamran, Director of Startup Thailand, National Innovation Agency (Public Organization), Khun Rangsan Promprasit CEO QueQ Thailand  Company Limited, Khun Korlab Suwatcharungkul Chief Marketing Officer at GET and Khun Pailin Vichakul, CVC Team Digital Ventures. Came to share views about Tech Company in Thailand.

Tech Company, the rising star of the Thai economy

During the past 2-3 years, the Tech Company has grown very far. The company that has been around for about one year has new features and has expanded the market. Expanding domestic and international customer groups, including many new tech companies. However, Tech has become a way of survival for many. Businesses that need to adapt technology to stay in the market. However, Tech has become a way of survival for many. Businesses that need to adapt technology to stay in the market. If technology is not applied or does not cooperate with the technology company, it may not be able to catch up with competitors because technology has become a part of everyday life. Soon, companies will not be ordinary companies but will become a Tech Company, both in terms of being a technology maker and being a technology user. Because without the use of technology the operating costs are so high that it cannot compete. Therefore, starting a business must first think about how to use technology.

In terms of investment, investments in the Tech Company flow in quite a lot. Seen by many companies in almost every industry. Including financial communication, Conglomerate Group, etc., has established a CVC (Corporate Venture Capital) for investment in the Tech Company. Therefore, is a good opportunity for Tech Company to access the funding source. However, despite the enormous investment funds, there is a challenge to whether a company that invents technology that is good enough to receive investment money or not? Or if the investment has been received, will it be able to group the customer market?

Which is very important because despite the funds, but is unable to group the customer market Funding will continue to be spent. Tech Company cannot truly grow. Until entering the zombie state which is very important because despite the funds, but is unable to group the customer market Funding will continue to be spent. Tech Company cannot truly grow. Until entering the zombie state

Partnership is key to growth.

"Zombies" is a tech company that is hard to grow. At the same time, it did not even have to close completely. And the Tech Company can get out of this situation is to find business partners because business partners are an important part of the company to grow (Growth). Both in terms of revenue, market share, number of customers, the cost is lower. Partnership with related businesses can also help solve problems in the value chain in the industry. The business partners do not have to be the private sector alone, they can be government agencies, independent agencies.

In the Tech Company industry, speed is an important factor in competition. The fastest way to fix weaknesses is to find business partners. Including expanding the market to foreign countries that we do not have expertise in the area. Therefore, finding a business partner is important to Tech Company in every state. The NIA SCB Innovation-Based Enterprise (IBE) course is organized to create opportunities for Tech Company to meet with partners to take another step. Especially for SME customers who need technology to use in their business. Tech Company is already a technology solution producer in this area. Therefore, is a very perfect match.

Khun Korlab Suwatcharungkul Chief Marketing Officer at GET, see that finding a business partner does not just mean buying or increasing the economy of scale. But also means helping each other to develop new product ideas in order to respond to create happiness for customers. For example, in the case of GET and SCB, there is an Instant Payout system that takes money into the delivery man account once the delivery is done. Do not wait on a weekly basis. And as for GET, we use alliances to expand into other regional markets Is a way to really adapt the local business model.

Khun Rangsan Promprasit CEO QueQ Thailand Company Limited, see that the best business partner is to get customers to be allies. By changing the customer's mindset from selling to them to create value for them. We learn their pain point problem and find the know-how to solve the problem to improve his life. Have more income because customers are one part that helps us build a business.

From the perspective of investors, Khun Pailin Vichakul, CVC Team Digital Ventures, speaking of what investors are looking for in a Tech Company is a company that knows its weaknesses and strengths and know-how to supplement your own business.

Win-Win is the cornerstone of the Partnership.

What are the important things about doing a partnership? Everyone in the seminar agrees that a successful Partnership is necessary.

  • Understanding common goals: Because the Partnership is a long-term mission. Both companies then must talk to understand what their common goal is. Talk to each other to find a pain point, what the partner wants, and what can we do to be of value to him? Find out what will become the core value for our business and them.

  • Collaborative experimentation: getting started together as a pilot project should start with a small scale. To learn and adjust working methods together in which the importance of working together is the speed, the space of each party (space) and the priorities (priority) that both parties must agree to each other and learn for a long time.

Khun Pariwat Wongsamran, Director of Startup Thailand, National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) said that the important thing in making an affiliate is 1) Know yourself who you are. The company itself is in which state? What are your own products? Who are you? Who are you? 2) Know your own limitations. What can be done and cannot be done and 3) Win-Win Partnership. What will we give him and what does he give you? "Partners are people who can help us with things we can't do. People who can create value together. The Partnership is to share Goal Share Value of both parties. See if you can deliver what you want? Another thing to think about is how much both parties have in the partnership. If things fail, will they be accepted? Some people may look at this as a waste of money, but this is an investment because, in every failure, we will get knowledge and experience back.

IBE course prepares for the important step of Thai Tech Company

Even going through the hardest point is shaping the business from the outset. But stepping forward in the business arena is still a challenge that the Tech Company faces. The IBE (Innovation Based Enterprise) course, organized by NIA and SCB, aims to support Tech Company entrepreneurs preparing for strong growth. Which is a 26-week long course starting from October 2019 to March 2020

During the first 3 months, it will be armed with organizational management knowledge such as Business Management, Marketing & Branding, Finance, etc. And in the last 3 months, an important part that will help push towards the growth stage is Business Matching with SME customers of the bank. There are testing ground and finding business alliances. Lead to the business expansion to continue to compete with the full potential. In attending this course, entrepreneurs will learn to do the right partnership. Is to create a networking opportunity for the business to meet with the first customer or partner because the people around and growing together will be the best partnership. As for the speakers and coaches of this program, they are the top gurus in Business circles and technology of the country.

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