Service Details

An e-KYC service for opening a no-passbook savings account (on-line) on the SCB Easy application for both current and new customers.

Account Type

Eligible for no-passbook savings accounts (on-line).  See product details.


No-passbook savings accounts get 1.5% p.a. interest rate for deposits of 1 - 1,000,000 baht


Deposit Amounts

Interest Rate (p.a.)

Less than or equivalent to 1,000,000 baht


More than 1,000,000 baht




Service Fees

Free of charge


Service Points

At any one of 1,330 Boonterm vending machines nationwide

Service Process

1. eKYC process at Boonterm vending machine

  • Choose the “eKYC” service.
  • Choose “eKYC for SCB”.
  • Enter your telephone number.
  • Read service terms and conditions and press “Accept”.
  • Insert your ID card into the machine.
  • Carefully review all information before continuing.
  • Remove your ID card.
  • Look at the camera to activate facial recognition.
  • Continue the process as follows:
    -  Set a temporary PIN for opening an account on the SCB EASY application (*)
    -  Confirm the temporary PIN for account opening on the SCB EASY application
  •  Customers will receive an SMS when the process is completed.  Customers can continue the process via the SCB EASY application. 

A temporary PIN is valid for 3 days.  Customers will have to restart from the beginning if the process is not initiated within that time period.  


2. Account Opening on the SCB EASY application


eKYC at Boonterm vending machines

The service is available for opening a no-passbook savings account with SCB at any Boonterm vending machine.


Things to Prepare:

For eKYC

  • National ID card


For account opening

  •  SCB EASY App
  • Required information:
    -  Mobile phone number
    -  A temporary PIN for using on the SCB EASY Application

Service Terms & Conditions

  • Service available 24 hours a day (as specified by each Boonterm vending machine).
  • 07.00 -22.30 hrs. for processing on the SCB Easy App.
  • Information received from the SCB Easy ID will be valid for 3 days.  A new e-KYC is needed if performing a transaction after that period. 
  • Customers who have never used any SCB products or services (new customers) must provide truthful and accurate information.
  • Customers who use SCB products or services (current customers) can confirm their identity as follows:
    -  No deposit account but using other products, or having a deposit account without any movement for one year or longer and zero account balance. 
    -  Name and mobile phone number must be the same as that registered with the Bank.  

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