Product Detail

  • Protect the building and content - against fire and natural disasters
    - Fire, lighting, smashing and/or collision of vehicles, aircraft disaster and water damage (excluding floods)
    - Natural disasters e.g. windstorm, flood,  earthquake or volcanic eruption or underwater waves or tsunami and hail

  • Theft  up to 20,000 baht from  the theft , there were obvious  of damage to the building and Robbery (BG. 2)
  • Compensation for temporary accommodation when the home is damaged by fire and natural disasters.
  • Covers houses for residential , built from concrete only.




  • Insured by The Deves Insurance Public Company Limited.

  • SCB is only an authorized broker.

  • Insurable guideline refer to Underwriting procedures of The Deves Insurance Public Company Limited.

  • Buyers must understand the details of coverage and conditions before deciding to insure.


Protection for your concrete

Protection for your concrete

Protection for your concrete home and home content.
Complete coverage

Complete coverage

Complete coverage for all perils.
Coverage period

Coverage period

Coverage period start from 7 days / 15 days / 30 days / 1 year
Premium starting

Premium starting

Premium starting at only 80 baht.


Convenient, easy to buy, 24 hours a day, via SCB Easy.

Insurance Terms

  1. This insurance plan is for residential purposes only.
  2. This insurance plan is for houses built from concrete only.
  3. Definitions of insured assets are:
    3.1 Building means the building of detached houses, townhouses, duplex houses, commercial buildings for living, garages and Sub-buildings such as servants' houses, kitchens, walls, fences, doors, including improvements except for the foundation
    3.2 Property inside the building means furniture, decorations, fixtures, fixings, tools and appliances in the house.   electrical appliances and equipment Household electrical appliances, musical instruments, audio equipment, kitchenware, clothing  and other assets (Not specified except in the policy) for living

  4.  Indemnity is compensation for the value of the property that is new at the time and place of damage.  (Replacement Value) and does not exceed the stated sum insured
  5. In the event that the building insurance capital is lower than the actual value The insured will be liable for the average amount of damage that differs from the actual value.
  6. The company reserves the right to receive 1 insurance policy per 1 house / booth.
  7.  If the insured is not the owner of the house/building/property The company will consider compensation for the damage to the owner or the owner of the house/building/property only.



Important exceptions:


  1. Damage caused as a direct or indirect consequence of war, aggression, malicious acts of foreign enemies or warlike acts. whether war has been declared or not or civil war, uprising, rebellion, riot, strike disturbance acts of terrorism, revolution, coup, declaration of martial law or any event which will cause the proclamation or maintenance of martial law

  2. Direct damage or indirectly from the following reasons
    2.1 Radiation or radioactivity from nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste resulting from the combustion of nuclear fuel and by any means, the process of nuclear fission, which proceeded in succession by itself 
    2.2 Radioactive explosion or nuclear components or any other hazardous material that may explode in the process. nuclear

  3. The following assets Unless clearly stated otherwise in the insurance policy.
    3.1 Ingots or trinkets or gold bars or gold jewelry or gems
    3.2 Valuable antiques or objects of art The total amount is more than 10,000 baht.
    3.3 Original or copy of documents, plans, plans, drawings, designs, designs, patterns or prints or moulds.
    3.4 Collateral for liabilities, securities, important documents, postage stamps, stamps, currency, banknotes, checks or business documents
    3.5 Explosives
    3.6 Electrical appliances and various electrical equipment, circuit boards, electronic devices, electric wires or lamps. which has been Damage due to or because of overloading Overpressure, short circuit, electric spark, self-ignition of the power cable. electric current leakage including the cause of natural deterioration or from specific applications Machines that are damaged by such causes
    3.7 All vehicles be it land, water or air vehicles.
    3.8 Trees, landscaping, lawns

  4. Damage from burning of property by order of officials or employees with legal authority
  5. Theft by the insured, gardener, employee or any person in Insured's family
  6. The location of the property is not occupied or unattended for more than 60 consecutive days.