Digital Banking

How do I use PromptPay?

You can sign up to link your savings or current account with your mobile telephone number at:


1.1   Any SCB branch

Please bring your I.D. card, the passbook for the account you want to link, and the cell phone you want to link.

1.2    Any SCB ATM booth

Insert your bank card in the ATM. Choose the menu option to  link your account with PromptPay. Then follow the instructions.

1.3   Online banking (website or mobile app)

If you have SCB Easy service, log on to the website or mobile app. Go to the PromptPay menu and choose to link your account with your mobile phone number or national I.D. card number.


See more FAQs about PromptPay at:

What should I do if I forget my SCB Easy security code?

Please visit and enter your username. Click on "Forgot Password," then fill in the details to reset your password immediately.

How can I apply for SCB Easy service?

Visit Then go to the menu heading "Registration." Then follow the steps. Or register via the SCB Easy mobile app.

How can I apply to use the SCB Easy mobile app?

Download the app from the App Store or Play Store, then follow the steps to register.

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