Credit Card

Am I eligible to apply for an SCB credit card?

You can apply for a credit card if you meet these conditions:


1.      Primary card applicant must be over 20 years old. Applicant for a supplementary card must be at least 15 years old. If the supplementary cardholder is under 20 years of age, payments to the account can only be made from the bank account of a parent.

2.       You must earn at least 15,000 baht per month. 

3.      You must not be blacklisted by the National Credit Bureau

4.      You must not hold any loan that is being restructured.

5.      Provide copy of house registration and national I.D. card. For supplementary card, please attach copy of primary card.

1.      Provide copy of certificate of income or salary slip. 

2.      Provide copy of bank statements for past three months showing salary.

3.      Provide copy of statement of fixed deposit, debenture or mutual fund (if any).  


How can I apply for a credit card?

1.      You can submit an application form at any SCB branch.

2.      You can apply at An SCB staff member will contact you within five working days.



How can I find out details regarding my SCB loan or credit account, such as outstanding credit, amount paid or payment due date?

For your convenience, there are several ways to find out about your loan and payments:   

1.      Call the SCB Call Center at 02-777-7777.

2.      Inquire by phone via the automated system using your credit card code number.

3.      Inquire via ATM.

4.      Inquire online via the SCB Easy website or mobile app. (To enroll in SCB Easy, please visit any SCB branch.)

How can I make a payment to my credit card account?

You can make a payment any of several ways:   

       -    Pay by cash or cheque using counter service at any SCB branch. (Please make your cheque payable to "Siam Commercial Bank for Credit Card")

-          Pay by automatic debit from your SCB savings account

-          Pay via ATM

-          Pay via cash deposit machine (CDM)

-          Pay online via the SCB Easy website,

-          Pay online via the SCB Easy mobile app

-          Pay via Easy Phone 

-          Pay using counter service at any branch of Government Savings Bank

-          Pay using counter service at any SCB branch

-          Pay via the payment service at any post office nationwide.  

How can I request a temporary increase in my credit line?

Please contact the SCB Call Center at 02-777-7777. 

How can I request a permanent increase in my credit line?

Please contact the SCB Call Center and be ready to provide the necessary information, including amount of the credit increase requested, your job, monthly income, phone number and other financial information. Please send the documents by fax to 02-777-7000.  Approval will be provided within one week.  

How can I inquire about an erroneous charge listed on my credit card statement?

Please contact the SCB Call Center at 02-777-7777.  Please be ready to send proof such as a receipt, order cancellation or other confirmation.

How can I change my mailing address for receipt of monthly credit card account statements?

Please contact the SCB Call Center at 02-777-7777. Our staff will check your information and update our record immediately.

How can I change the name in which my credit card account is registered?

Please request the change in either of two ways:

1.      Visit your SCB branch and bring supporting documents.

2.      Contact the SCB Call Center, 02-777-7777 and fax the supporting document.


Required Documents

1.      Copy of I.D. card.

2.      Copy of proof of change of name or surname. After approximately one week, you will receive a letter asking you to pick up your new credit card at the SCB branch you specified in the application.  Your account will be charged a fee to issue the new card of 150 baht + 7% VAT. (Fee is waived for  Platinum card account.)

What should I do if my credit card gets damaged and I need a new one?

Please contact SCB Call Center. Our service staff will take your request. Your new card will be issued as soon as possible. After approximately one week, you will receive a letter informing you to pick up your new card at the SCB branch your specified. Your account will be charged a fee 150 baht + 7% VAT for issuing the new card. (Fee is waived for Platinum card.)

What should I do if my credit card is lost or stolen? Will I be charged a fee for a new card?

You can report the loss or theft of your credit card as follows:  


1.      Ask SCB to freeze the card immediately by contacting the SCB Call Center, 02-777-7777.  Press 1.  (You will not be responsible for any charge made to your account starting 5 minutes after your card is frozen.)

2.      SCB will freeze the card and issue a new one. The new card will have a new credit card number, new security code and new phone code. The new credit card and code will be sent to you by mail.

3.      SCB will issue your new card at no fee.

How can I request to have my credit card account frozen, either temporarily or permanently?

You can ask that your credit card be temporarily frozen in case, for example, you left it at a store and can get it back. After you retrieve your card, please contact the SCB Call Center to unfreeze it.


Your credit card can be frozen permanently if you lose it. Please contact the SCB Call Center and ask that the card be frozen and request a replacement. You will receive a new card at your SCB branch within one week. 

How do I cancel a credit card?

Please contact the SCB Call Center at 02-777-7777. The staff will check your information and ask your reasons for cancelling the card. When you confirm the cancellation, it will be done immediately.  You must destroy the card and return it to an SCB branch.  

Prepaid Card

What is the PLANET SCB Card?

  • The prepaid card for cash paying of several currencies.
  • Currencies exchange is available in the special rate via pre-checking through SCB EASY App

Benefits of PLANET SCB

  • Special currency exchange rates.
  • Lesser traveling risks by not spending cash.
  • Support controlling for travel expenditure.
  • If the Card get lost or temporarily cancellation is needed the card holder can easily handle it through SCB EASY App.
  • Zero fee for foreign currencies exchange and the exchange risk by spending in the accepted currencies.
  • Happy shopping by Auto Conversion in the case of insufficient remaining money of certain accepted currencies.

Application for PLANET SCB Card

Applying for services through:

  • All branches of the Bank nationwide.
  • SCB EASY App

What is the Application Fee for PLANET SCB Card?

The fee is 200 baht as follows:

  • New card providing
  • Replacement in the case of any lost card/or the card holder asks for a new card

PLANET SCB Card is for how long?

3 years as of the month of issuing

Is pre-paid for PLANET SCB Card possible overseas?

Possible by SCB EASY App or Mobile Banking App of the different bank.

What’s the limit for currencies exchange?

Currencies exchange is possible for 5 times/card/day.

Can payment at all shops or online in Thailand be in foreign currencies?

In baht only

Be the remaining foreign currencies transferred from the card

Through SCB EASY App by firstly changing the foreign currencies into Thai baht before transferring into the saving or current accounts attached to SCB EASY App.

Can OTP received overseas?

If overseas roaming is not available Wi-Fi Calling is the mean to communicate with OTP

Available Money for Daily Spending

Prepaid limit per day is up to 500,000 baht for customers.

If Void or Refund is available the card returning money will be in what currency?

  • In the case of void for the specified payment programs and/or services, the customer shall receive the returning money in the registered currency. If it is the void for the Auto Conversion the cardholder shall receive the money of the registered currency into his/her card.
  • In case of any refund requesting the cardholder shall receive the money of the registered currency into his/her card.

Spending by PLANET SCB Card.

  • At all shops or online with VISA Brand all over the world including Thailand
  • Click for cash at ATM overseas (excluding Thailand).

Qualifications of PLANET SCB Application

  • Age 15 years and over
  • Having SCB saving or current accounts (apply for a new account at any branch nationwide).
  • Applying for SCB EASY App service

What is the minimum for PLANET SCB Card?

No minimum for service applying

What is the duration for name printing on PLANET SCB Card?

The client shall receive the Card delivered to his address as given to the Bank within 7 working days.

The issued PLANET SCB Card shall show on SCB Easy App or not?

The customer must receive and activate the Card through SCB EASY App to enhance its appearing on the SCB EASY App and works for various programs

How to work for PLANET SCB Card prepaid?

Followings are channels for the Card prepaid (for Baht Purse)

  • SCB Easy App
    >  Prepaid from the Card’s front or through Top Up menu

Prepaid is possible for other person’s cards or not?

Possible at SCB EASY App through Top Up Menu

What is the fee for PLANET SCB Card spending?

  • Fees for spending or using cash in any unacceptable currency for the Card.
  • Fees for cash withdrawal of 100 baht at overseas ATMs, and might be with the additional charge by the ending service provider.

Non-card carrying can be facilitated by QR code scanning through SCB EASY App or not?

Not available now

If overseas traveling is still possible to use SCB EASY App for various programs with new SIM as SIM 2 Fly or foreign SIM with Internet?

It’s still of normal use.

How to check the cash balance?

Possible by SCB EASY App

How to solve problems overseas?

Contact SCB Call Center at +66 2777 7777 with possible expenditure charged by the service provider networks.

Other Questions About Cards

1. If an ATM fails to return my SCB ATM card or debit card, what should I do?

To protect your account security, the card will be destroyed. To get a new card, please visit any SCB branch and bring your account passbook and I.D. card.  

What should I do if I lose my SCB ATM or debit card?

Please cancel your card immediately via SCB Call Center, tel. 02-777-7777, press 1.  

3. What should I do if I forget my bankcard security code or if my code is cancelled because I entered the wrong code four consecutive times at an ATM?

You can request a new card code at any SCB branch. Please bring your card, passbook and I.D. card. 

 4. If an ATM dispenses incomplete funds when I make a withdrawal, how can I get a reimbursement?

Please contact SCB Call Center at 02-777-7777 to report the error and ATM location. 

5. I had a problem doing a transaction via EDC. How can I get a refund and how long will it take?

Please contact SCB Call Center at 02-777-7777 to report the error and ATM location. 

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