The SCB EASY app gives you access to a personal investment advisor that uses cutting-edge AI technology to make mutual fund recommendations tailored to your specific circumstances and preferences. You can place your confidence in the highly researched funds that our investment advisors have selected to help you save time and effort in managing your personal finances.

Start investing easily with only 1 baht*

Open a fund account for free via the SCB EASY app and start investing instantly. Access WEALTH4U easily in just 3 steps.

Not a problem if you are unsure of which mutual fund to invest in

Let WEALTH4U help guide you with intelligent AI tools, like having a personal assistant to recommend mutual funds suitable for you. Don’t worry if you are just starting off. We've selected funds that are especially friendly to newcomers.

Easy-to-access investment product information

Information that is both complete and straightforward will make it easier for you to make educated investing choices.

Place your orders to buy, sell, or switch funds instantly.

*Investment risk varies by fund. Before making any investment decisions, investors should learn about the products' characteristics, return conditions, and potential risks involved. Mutual fund information is available to investors through the SCB EASY App or by calling the SCB Call Center at 02-777-7777.