Edit Persona information

Edit/update personal information via SCB EASY APP

1. Select the menu "Investments"

2. Select "Debentures"

3. Select "Personal information"

4. Press “Edit”

5. Read Pop-up message and press “OK”

6. Edit Personal information

7. Edit Address

8. Edit Occupation

9. Review Personal Information and press “Confirm"

10. Choose mobile number to receive OTP

11. Enter OTP

12. Successful personal information update

Remark :

  • A customer can edit personal information before debenture subscription period. If a customer edit personal information after the successful debenture subscription, the edited personal information will be applied for your next debenture subscription.
  • If you have deposited your debentures with SCB in the EASY-D Debenture Account which the Bank is obliged to send your personal information to Thailand Securities Depository Company Limited. Thus, if you wish to edit your personal information, please edit your personal information before 23:59 on the 2 business days before the register book closing date of the relevant debentures.