Foreign Trade Information Service
An extensive worldwide economic movement news with endless updates covers more than 200 countries.
market information
Best Countries for Trade
The desired destination for international trade
Country Profiles
Facts about the country
Global Economic Trends
Tendencies in the world economy
Import/Export Flows
Figures for imports and exports
Market Reports
Articles on international marketplaces
Business Alerts
Alert service for news about sectors and goods that is intriguing.
Customized Research Reports*
Get interesting statistics and instructive information.
commercial information
Find Importers
Find a list of importers of the desired product.
Professional Associations
Information about specialized organizations
Trade Shows
Information on trade shows
Public and Private Tenders
Information on both public and private auctions
Tips on International Business
Various advice for conducting international business
Find Suppliers Worldwide
Search for vendors worldwide.
Business Directories
A list of companies in each sector
Online Marketplaces
A list of online markets classified by industry and region
Tender Alerts
Auction notification service in the industry and country of interest
List of Qualified Potential Clients*
A list of potential partners that have undergone screening
Financial Reports*
Target company's financial statements
International Contract Template*
Documents and contracts in prototype form for international business transactions
trade management information
Import Controls
Laws governing imports
Export Controls
Laws governing exports
Customs Duties and Local Taxes
Customs and local tax information
Selling Price Calculator- Export
Price calculator for exports
Landed Cost Calculator- Import
Calculator for import taxes and other hidden fees
Measurement Converter
Various measurement systems
Currency Converter
Monetary value
Shipping Documents
A list of documents required for the transportation of goods
Sanctions Lists
List of companies/countries subject to EU or UN sanctions
HS Customs Classification Number
Find the standard tariff number of the goods.
Local Customs Classification Number
Find the customs tariff number of the goods.
National Standards*
Standard rules related to products of each country
Labelling Rules*
Regulations regarding the use of labels that detail the contents of the product
* Trade Club Alliance charges a service fee.

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