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SCB provides export document preparation services on behalf of exporters under trade agreements in the form of letters of credit (L/C), 1 bills for collection (B/C), or open accounts. These documents will be sent to the importer as a goods receipt and payment instructions.
SCB may give services on two types of export documents:
  • In-house documents: such as commercial invoices, packing lists, bills of exchange
  • Documents from outside sources: SCB will assist in coordinating with the appropriate agencies in order to issue the required export documents such as a certificate of origin, bill of lading, and insurance policy.
SCB will notify you of the results of the document preparation and assist you in compiling documents for collection, as well as keeping track of your invoices to ensure you are paid as soon as possible.
There is also a service to coordinate with trustworthy business partners to carry out the reservation of the ship's space or other transport, customs clearance, or requesting a certificate of origin, etc.
1 In the case of L/C document preparation, SCB offers a preliminary examination of the L/C conditions as well as advice on how to prepare documents in accordance with the L/C criteria.


A transaction for export document preparation can be created at . In addition, the created list can be saved as a template for the next run.
For sending transactions to SCB, a workflow system is available to define user roles such as maker and approver.
There is an on-demand dashboard that shows summary information e.g., the overall number of transactions, the number of completed transactions, the number of transactions currently in progress, and the number of different types of export bills. A summary report may be retrieved by a selected date range.
You may quickly and easily track the end-to-end document preparation status in real-time through the system by entering the invoice number.
Reports are available for download at a time that you can define yourself, in both pdf and excel formats.
Our export document specialists are well-versed in international trade regulations and will assist you in examining the accuracy of documents under all types of payments (L/C, B/C, and open account), making document processing more comfortable and speedier.
SCB assists in contacting the authorities involved in the issuance of export documents. It enables you to request the issuance of documents in a timely and effective manner.



Free of Error
Ensure that your export documents are correct. It helps in the reduction of issues that may arise because of incorrect documents and creates satisfaction for your overseas partners.
Enhance Liquidity
Preparing the proper documents will allow for speedier payments and help estimate your cash flow more accurately.
Empower Business
You can spend more time focusing on business-critical areas that may assist in the acceleration of your company's growth.
There's no need to generate or amend export documents on your own. This saves time, money, and effort, and allows you to follow the status of the items in real-time.
Lower the Risk
Reduce the risk of accounts receivable by reducing mistakes in the preparation of export documents under L/C terms.
Decrease Personnel Issues
Reduce issues with procurement, training, and people management in the processing of export documents.

Service Channel


Documents for service request:
  • Standard scope of work
  • Signing an application for export document preparation
  • Power of attorney granted by the customer to the shipping agency
  • Standard offering letter

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