Product Detail

You can open surety account together with payroll account

Surety account is typically used as guarantee for sensitive or critical job positions

Your company pre-specifies surety limit

Surety reimbursement is transferred to employee or your company after termination of employment


Electronic savings account

Make payment transfers 24/7 on demand

Monthly report provides details of surety accounts, list of employees, remaining balance, accrued interest, etc.

Facilitates every corporate requirement

  • Seamlessly manages employee surety accounts and minimizes associated risks
  • Efficiently manages surety limit in compliance with labor law regulations
  • Facilitates batch payment transfers


  • Your company authorizes surety account transfers via SCB Business Net
  • Provides cashless, automatic transfer to employee accounts
  • Ensures that transfer of surety reimbursement to either employee or your company takes place only after termination of employment