Product Detail

The SCB Pre-Registered Payment database is an optional service provided via SCB Business Net that helps prevent errors in payment transfers. Transfer will be executed only for transactions that have been automatically verified by pre-registered database.


Prevents internal fraud

Provides accounting audit to prevent payment errors

Compares instant payment verification results against pre-registered payment database

Available for all payment services on SCB Business Net


  • Access verification data online anywhere, anytime via SCB Business Net


  • Provides report, downloadable in PDF or TXT format
  • Provides instant verification using pre-registered payment database


  • Accurately transfers payment to recipient
  • Prevents internal fraud
  • Transmits data online via SCB Business Net using highest standard of security

             Firewall, 256-bit encryption and secure socket layer (SSL) connection

             Dual control authorization (maker and signer)

             Uses token authentication to maximize security of payment transaction