Used car Convenience that can afford

“This day working is not as exhausted as commuting, how poor the city people”

Our meal conversation begins after this sentence.

I walked into a regular restaurant that met a girlfriend gang, which, when combined with me, was 4 people to update each other's lives. We are Thonburi children born, learned and live together in this zone. But since graduating from a bachelor's degree, we are scattered to work in different places. But to maintain our friendship we then arranged to meet for about 1-2 months, depending on the occasion. Most often it is a Sunday afternoon meal that is long drawn to the evening.

Today I arrive as the last person but not too late that I heard the sentence of complaining about traveling to work. As for the issue of our talk, it became a life-traveling journey to the work of the Thonburi people who stabbed to work across the city with exhaustion.
Like myself, each day I must take 4 vehicles, both motorcycles Airport Link, Subway, sky train on the ground, taxi, bus, all the way to make it to the office in time for work and back home not too late.

Ask if you are tired ... The answer is yes, very much.

I and Pim wail to support the words of my Aor but a friend named Kai, who always silent suddenly smiled and swing car keys decorated with brightly colored tassels.

We both fixed to one thing in Kai’s hand. Pim asked immediately. "Just working for a few months, have a new car? I am Terribly jealous Don't tell me that you asked your dad to buy it. We are all friends for a long time, so we know that our family is a normal person with moderate status. Just the burden of family expenses is unlikely to allow the to buy a new car.

Cannot tolerate to a bus then a boat every day, I am so exhausted. I just complained about this in the office. So, someone told me that I should buy a used car to get to work more comfortably, "Kai said comfortably.

Kai said immediately. "Either second hand or any hand it is the obvious burden? Take all the money that you saved like this is risky and the old car will need repairing? "

"Yeah." I was thinking about buying a car for comfort as well. But do not want to use the money that I saved because just starting work. So, I wonder what logic you use to buy this car.

When we think of buying a second-hand car, office people who do not have much time like us may have to go on a tour, looking for a second-hand car in a tent or the car market website. When founding a pleasant car, then contact car financing and the car tent. If it is a home car, we must find a financial institution that offers second-hand car loans. It sounds chaotic. But what the Kai described soon after this as she can read my mind.

“You guys have to listen. It's both easy and convenient. It is not complicated and does not shake the money in the pockets of people who just started working like us. Now, there is a credit named used car loan. Normally when we found the car we like, we want to know the price at that moment. So that we will know how much to recover, and we still must calculate the amount of money that we have, as well. Which we just took at the model, year, brand and then can check the price immediately, just enter the website of Siam Commercial ( and go to the used car loan category which can lend up to 90% of the appraised value.

"But in this way, is there a need to find securities or have to bother the people in the family to guarantee the loan?" Aor asked in doubt.

Kai was smiling and replied, "No need to because this loan does not require securities or people to guarantee. You also can choose installments for up to 72 months at low-interest rates.
Plus, if one day you don't want to drive, you can give it to your brother, your family, friends or boyfriend. Because you can transfer the lease rights to other people as well. Documents required are proof of copy of ID card, copy of house registration, salary slip or salary certificate, copy of the deposit account for the past 6 months as usual.

"Can we choose any car? Is there any restriction? "I asked with doubt.

Choose the model that you like, but not over 12 years old, and the interest rate is cheap for buying a used car. "

"Anyway, this world would not have been easy. I think getting a loan like this can be difficult. "Pim is worried.

Not at all. Just go to calculate the appraisal price on the website I told. Then fill out the loan application form and attach the car image that you want to buy as well. And then wait for the officer to contact. If there is no problem, it will be approved the loan within 3 days ... just this. "

Clear all problems then the food that we ordered was served. We ate a big set of dishes that were ordered with a fun conversation as a normal girl. On the way back home, Kai a friend, who is only one who has a car in our group, was also kind to drove everyone's home. This night we would have a good dream and wake up to work brightly.

For me ... before bedtime, just dreams that tonight will apply for a used car loan online at the SCB’s website as my friend recommended. Then I will go to work comfortably like others