Maintenance methods after installing solar cells

Today people are interested in installing a solar system at home or company but they still wonder how we maintain the solar system in order to use them efficiently and for a long time. For solar cell maintenance, there will usually be after sales service given from the seller but we, as a house or an establishment owner should understand how to maintain in order to call for the seller to give services on time and correctly.

Clean the solar panel. After installing the solar system and using it for a while, the panel

Solar cells mounted on the roof or the roof of the building may get dirty from dust, bird droppings, If they are left dirty for too long, they will result in reduced efficiency in power generation. Therefore, within a period of 1 year, we should wash the solar panel at least 4 times using plain water and a dust mop until the panel is clean. Normally cleaners or panel brushes are not recommended in order to prevent damage from cleaning because the outer solar panel consists of plastic, glass and silicone. Using an acidic solution may damage the surface and silicone substance on the solar panel. For the time that is suitable for cleaning is during the night because free from the sun and the electrical system stopped working. This will help to be safe with the team that goes up to check the cleaning

Check the integrity of the solar panel by focusing on checking the strength of solar panels.

The panel must not have blemish marks on the surface. The color of the panel must not change or have cracks on the panel. Because it may cause water to seep into the inside when it rains or the solar panel is washed. That may cause a short circuit, then the panel is damaged and unable to generate electricity. For the most common cause of cracking of solar panels is projectiles, solid objects falling onto the panel, so we should take care and inspect 2 times/year for efficient use of solar power

Be careful not to block the light near the solar panel. If the area where the solar panels are installed has tall trees, we must keep an eye out if the shadow of the tree blocking the solar panel's exposure? Especially during the rainy season, the trees will grow a lot of which branches that extend near the house or in a corner that blocks the light. As a result, the solar panel does not receive light fully because the intensity of light is less. In addition, the presence of tall trees near the solar panels poses a risk of birds nesting. and releasing dross making the solar panel area dirty easily. And we have to use panel cleaning services more often which waste of time and expense. It also makes the power generation inefficient as it should be. So, always keep the trees trimmed. to prevent such problems, etc.

• Electrical equipment and batteries must be in good condition. In addition to solar panels, there are also other electrical devices to maintain. Usually, the installation company will give service of an annual check. Whether it is a power converter system, a control system, a wiring system, a connection system, and a battery, the equipment must be in good condition, not damaged, not loose, deteriorating. There should also be no animals nibbling on the cable or nesting, clean, no dust or stains. If it is found to have defective equipment, we should immediately inform the installation company to fix it as soon as possible.

knowing how to maintain the system to help extend the service life longer. Therefore, we should choose a professional service company, ready to provide continuous system maintenance services so that we can use the solar system as efficiently as possible. For anyone interested in installing solar cells at home More information can be found at