Reflecting Thai consumer’s behavior through their search

In this digital era where consumer’s behavior can quickly change, knowing where the customers are, and what they are looking for is the information every business owner needs as they increase the chance of selling the right product. Choosing the right channel, place, and time could enhance the opportunity to boost the sale. According to the statistics of the internet users’ behavior across the world studied by WeAreScoial and Hootsuite, during Q1 of 2020, they found that 75% of the Thai population have access to the internet while 59% is the number of the world's population. Thai people spend 9.01 hours daily surfing the internet which makes them 4th in the world following the Philippines, South Africa, Brazil, and Columbia. 4 hours 57 minutes were spent by the average Thai national surfing the internet daily through their phone. As there are people online going through the internet, there must be online business owners as well. Looking at the 2020 consumer trend: how people do the searching on Google and YouTube.

The digital economy is not only located in major cities anymore

According to the online shopping behavior statistics, this activity is not limited in the big cities anymore as more of the residents in the suburbs can access the internet. This increases the online shopping traffic outside Bangkok. Some keywords are searched more frequently outside Bangkok, for example, 70% of the word: food, consumable, automobile, 80% is found for aesthetic, and 75% of self-care. This reveals the opportunity for sellers to conduct online marketing outside the capital city.

On-demand business growth

The searching behavior shows that Thai consumers need things to be quicker, higher hopes, and more specific. They are willing to pay extra to save their time and get the product instantly. From the statistics, the search for ride-hailing hits 127% and there is a tremendous growth during the pandemic in delivery service compared to the normal time. Therefore, business owners need to find ways to provide instant services which meet the high expectations of consumers, for instance, same-day delivery service, 24-hours sell and deliver online products.

Omni-channel utilization, find online, buy offline

Searching behaviors of the consumers have become more complicated, for example, reading the review of the restaurant in front of the store, using a more specific keyword: “near me”. The most frequent near-me searches are attraction (733% growth), temple (400% growth), salon (376%), dental (355%), and BBQ (203%). So, pinning the business online is very important as the customer can search and find the business instantly. Interested in pinning the business on Google through SCB EASY Application. Moreover, a longer tailed search is found, for example, green male sneakers. Therefore, business owners need to find a way to create contents which supports long-tailed searching.

A cashless society becomes clearer

The pandemic accelerates Thai society to become cashless faster than expected. From the insight, credit cards, electronic wallet, digital currency, mobile banking, applying, transferring are words that reach more traffic. This reflects that more people are interested in a cashless society. So, business owners should provide a variety in online payment.

Environmental issue realization

Thai people are more aware of the environment and energy consumption. There is 163% growth in search of these words: PM2.5, surgical mask, electric vehicle, electric motorcycle, electric saving. This reflects the environmental situation Thai people currently face, PM2.5, which makes them aware of protecting the environment by reducing emissions and saving energy. It is expected that the word relates to COVID and healthcare hit more search during the pandemic. 

Understanding consumers’ behaviors at this time are essential for business owners. Even low-budget businesses can still thrive as long as the goal of understanding the behavior of the customer can be achieved. Regardless the type of business, this is the key of success to increase the sale and earning.