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AIS One-2-Call Auto Top-Up from SCB lets you to refill your mobile phone service automatically by direct debit from your SCB account according to your instructions. And it's free of service charge.



Apply once and your mobile service will be topped up from then on.


Don't worry about forgetting to top up or running out of money unexpectedly.


Apply via ATM booth and get top-up result by SMS within 5 minutes.
Monthly Top Up

(Automatic monthly refill)

Your AIS service will be topped up automatically one time each month by 300 baht or 700 baht on any day of your choice between the 1st and 28th of the month. Payment will be directly debited from your linked SCB account.

Auto Top Up

(Automatic refill when balance falls below 50 baht)

Your AIS service will be topped up automatically whenever your balance falls below 50 baht. You can choose the amount for regular top-ups. (100 / 200 / 300 baht)

You can can change the top-up amount at any time.

Example: You link your deposit account to your mobile phone number, then choose to top up 100 baht automatically whenever your AIS pre-paid balance falls below 50 baht.

Freedom Top Up

(Refill whenever you want by dialing *124)

  • You can top up your AIS mobile service at any time by dialing *124. Payment will be direct debited from your linked SCB account
  • Top-up result is immediate.
  • You can choose the top-up amount you want each time. (Can be different amount each time.)

Note: If you have already been approved for Auto Top-Up or Monthly Top-Up, you will also be able to use the Freedom Top Up service whenever you want.

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