SCG and SCB collaborate to advance green loans Steering modern buildings toward a sustainable green future


           SCG has partnered with Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) to support green loans by establishing a comprehensive Green Finance service model. This initiative covers everything from project design to loan application, catering to entrepreneurs looking to transition their buildings to net-zero structures. Special interest rates and generous credit limits tailored to actual usage are offered to encourage the transformation of modern buildings toward sustainability. The collaboration seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from buildings and large construction projects. Mr. Wachirachai Kunamwattana, Head of Smart System Solution Business at SCG, and Mr. Thitipong Srisomburananont, Executive Vice President & Head of Wholesale Banking Data, Strategy, and Segment Management at SCB, jointly announced the "Pathway to Net Zero Building Package" collaboration. This partnership underscores their shared commitment to environmental stewardship for society.

           Speaking about the collaboration, Mr. Wachirachai Kunamwattana, Head of Smart System Solution Business at SCG, said that green finance has gained significant traction both in Thailand and internationally. The escalating crisis referred to as Global Boiling demands urgent global cooperation across all sectors. To address this pressing issue effectively, SCG Building and Living Care Consulting Co., Ltd. offers specialized services and boasts a team of experts dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs toward achieving Net Zero goals. With a proven track record of completing over 200 green building projects, they are well-positioned to share their expertise and collaborate with partners to further the collective effort in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions in line with Net Zero Building guidelines.

           The collaboration with Siam Commercial Bank aims to foster a sustainable society on a broader scale. SCG's team of seasoned experts will provide comprehensive green loan services, including project evaluation and cost estimation, to maximize value for entrepreneurs and their projects. Additionally, they offer advisory frameworks and operational models aligned with international principles and standards for building toward Net Zero. Interested customers can benefit from exclusive terms during the second quarter of 2024 (April - June) before the loan process is forwarded to SCB, the designated loan service provider.

           Mr. Thitipong Srisomburananont, Executive Vice President & Head of Wholesale Banking Data, Strategy, and Segment Management at Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), expressed the bank's ambition to become a leading institution in sustainability. SCB is committed to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions through its lending and investment activities by 2050. As a trusted partner that understands the intricacies of business, SCB aims to support and assist its business customers in adapting to and thriving in a sustainable, green society. To realize this vision, SCB collaborates with industry-leading entities, offering consulting services and supporting green loans across various sectors. This collaboration aims to foster sustainable economic growth while safeguarding the environment. Business customers utilizing SCG Building and Living Care Consulting services can benefit from the highest credit limits based on their actual needs, along with loan terms of up to 10 years at special interest rates offered by SCB, subject to the bank's specified conditions. Furthermore, SCB customers interested in participating in these sustainable projects will receive exclusive privileges from SCG. This includes expert-led pre-gap analysis and post-operation carbon footprint calculations for buildings (valued up to 100,000 baht) for those who express interest between April and June 2024. These initiatives are designed to support business customers in developing viable and sustainable projects, thereby enhancing future business opportunities and investment value.

           SCG Building and Living Care Consulting Company Limited specializes not only in design services but also in building engineering and certification for various green building standards. These include energy-efficient buildings, health-promoting structures, and developments geared toward achieving Net Zero status. Remarkably, it stands as the only company in Thailand to have earned LEED Proven Provider certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

           For those interested in consulting services regarding the "Pathway to Net Zero Building" green loan program, inquiries can be directed to:
- Email:
- Phone: 065-719-7909
Alternatively, you may reach out to an SCB Relationship Manager at 093-834-8205.