Product Detail

  • At your request, SCB HCMC will issue a written commitment to a designated third party (the Beneficiary) in which SCB, on behalf of you (the Applicant) will perform unconditionally financial obligation in case you fail to perform or perform improperly.
  • A SCB guarantee could enable you to negotiate favorable terms with buyers and suppliers by protecting them from non-performance under a contract, even where you lack established business relationship.
  • SCB HCMC offer a wide range of type of guarantees including payment, performance, advance payment, tender, warranty, tax guarantee and Standby Letter of Credit*.

Note: *In markets, where your buyers and suppliers, are less comfortable with Guarantees, SCB can support your business by issuing Standby Letter of Credit.


  • Satisfy your partners with the requirement for bank guarantees
  • Improve your confident level
  • Increase your reliability with partners by having a prestigious bank’s guarantee.