Buy now. Pay later.

No need to wait.

Buy whenever you want with SCB Pay Later.

It’s easier with
SCB Pay Later.

Whenever you want, pay your shopping bills via the 24/7.

Available at over 200,000
participating shops nationwide.
The minimum shopping amount
is just 200 baht/transaction.
Choose to pay with your available credit lines.*

*Currently available only for UP-Ngern-Yeum.

Apply for SCB Pay Later at   to draw down from a credit line for shopping.

Pay your shopping bills with your credit line.

SCB Pay Later is now available for UP-Ngern-Yeum.
Instant transfers to your account when you want cash

offers a credit line
of up to 20,000 baht*.

*Credit approval conditions for a loan tied to SCB Pay Later are as specified by SCB.

Instant cash readily
available for cash out.
Say Goodbye
to fees.
Choose an instalment plan
to suit your repayment ability.
interest rates
You can further borrow
from your available balance
after a repayment.

Buy what you need at ease.

Available at participating shops accepting QR code payment.
Pay via the “Bill Payment” menu on the  

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Available at over 200,000 participating shops nationwide.

Who can apply for

*Applicants’ qualifications are as per
the type of loan tied to SCB PAY LATER.

More details of UP-Ngern-Yeum

Apply for

1) Select the “SCB PAY LATER” menu.

2) Read details about the loan. Tap “Apply.”

3) You will land on the UP-Ngern-Yeum loan application screen. Enter your information. Tap “Confirm.”

4) Review your information, details, and conditions. Tap “Submit the loan application.”

5) Agree to allow SCB to check your credit information. Enter the OTP received via SMS.

6) Tap “OK.”

7) Check for a notification on the SCB EASY app.