CCB Supports Temple Garden Foundation (TGF) to promote better living for Cambodian communities in remote areas


Since 2018, Siam Commercial Bank subsidiary Cambodian Commercial Bank (CCB) has supported the Temple Garden Foundation (TGF), a charitable foundation established to promote the quality of life and deliver essential assistance to Cambodian communities in remote areas to improve their well-being. 

Having operated in Cambodia since 1991, CCB is keen to bring economic and health development to the nation and always wants to play a part in supporting the well-being of Cambodians and communities.  From the beginning, CCB has taken part in TGF’s four major projects, which include:


1. Health and educational support for children from birth to early childhood



2. Community funds for animal husbandry and agriculture to generate household incomes for villagers



3. Improving the quality of life for primary school students, such as providing water filters and school libraries




4. Supporting clean water for communities



        As a special priority, TGF has developed a clean water project by constructing a rainwater reserve system for use in the dry season instead of digging groundwater.  The project also provides a clean water filtration system to assist with better hygiene for people in the community.  This is to ensure that Cambodian communities have enough clean water to reduce the risk of illness caused by consuming contaminated water, especially for children who are at risk of gastrointestinal and respiratory infections, including intestinal parasite diseases, dental caries, and more.  In 2022 the project is being carried out for the Chi Kraeng District in Siem Reap Province, a community with 31 households.  The community needs support in managing water scarcity and unsanitary living conditions, so CCB has donated 10,000 USD to the Temple Garden Foundation in support of their endeavors.