Important Information for SCB Business Net annual fees
Please be advised that SCB will be revising its accounting period for debiting the SCB Business Net annual fee, starting from September 2014. SCB will debit the SCB Business Net annual fee on the 26th of the due month for annual usage ....
Schedule of Charges for SCB Direct Credit (DCP) and SCB Payroll (PAY) Services
In order to increase the security of transactions conducted through SCB Business Net, SCB recommends that customers using passwords to approve transactions switch to SMS OTP. The change is free of charge.
Alert! Theft of personal or financial information on online systems.
Free! Training on the new SCB Business Net:
You are invited to attend training on the new version of SCB Business Net in order to learn techniques which will help simplify your financial matters, while increasing efficiency and convenience.
  For more information and reservation, please Click Here. “SCB Business Net Training Center”
How to find the missing login window
If you cannot locate the new login window on your screen, please slide the scrollbar to the far right of the screen, or increase your screen resolution. If that doesn't help, please contact GTS Client Services at 02-544-1212 to seek further advice.