8 New Familiar Normals

 The pandemic of COVID -19 has separated people apart and has affected national relationships, economy, social, community, and individuals. It causes the disruption of people's behavior which finally becomes a New Normal. What is its influence on the digital world and what trend is to be followed after the end of the pandemic?

1. Moving the manufacturing back

The lock-down around the world causes several international supply-dependent nations difficulty. The world’s most important manufacturing base in China. So, the idea of distributing manufacturing to other places which is risk management is increasing. This includes the concept of self-reliance in many countries. Many businesses have become localized or have sourced from multinationals.

2. Digital takeover, technologies become part of normal life

As Covid-19 catalyzes people to live digitally. Hence, in the future, the internet will become a basic structure provided by the states as well as water and electricity. Many studies show that more digital platforms have been accessed during the pandemic for variation of activities including studying, cooking, exercising, and finding virtual things to do. The E-marketplace has been growing fast. Online delivery service has increased tremendously. Moreover, the intact-relationship which reduces touching eventually leads to technology adoption, labor reduction as it eliminates face-to-face communication as well as introduction cashless society. The cashless society allows transactions to occur digitally which includes bill payment via applications, e-Payment, credit card, and mobile banking, for instance, SCB Easy Application which consists of features suitable for the new normal and youngster’s lifestyle which can be applied here


3. Changing of working pattern

Work from home is going to become normal. Many companies allow their employees to work from their home and do not require them to come into the office every day or any day. This is a cost reduction on office rental, maintenance, and office supply. The freed-up space can also be leased. Besides, some employees which need to be present at the office require a more closed working environment, for example, a partition to be installed between desks. Moreover, online meetings will become ordinary and participants are no longer required to come to their office.

4. Changing of employment

From now on, it is the talent market as companies can hire them from anywhere in the world. This is an opportunity for brilliance to work without any limitation of distance and place. Employment will change from permanently to project-based which is called GIG Economy. Such employment is temporary and results in a changing of superior-inferior relationship. This is going to affect the security and the benefit of future-salary people. On the other hand, the high-skilled person can work for companies and get paid which matches their ability. Outdated-skilled labor will be laid off and leads to a higher unemployment rate.

5. Reshaping social security

From now on, the world is going to spin fast with uncertainties. Economics shall be driven by GIG Economy, the temporary employment. This will definitely make ordinary people feel insecure as they do not have certain income and benefits. So, the government might need to increase the provident fund or enforce measures for employers to participate in paying employee security funds when needed to provide security.

6. Big Data is closer than you think

Before the pandemic, organizations used Big Data to improve sales and marketing by analyzing consumers, reducing cost, and making more accurate decisions. After the COVID-19 pandemic, Big Data has become closer to people as both the government and private sectors introduced it to control the pandemic and risk area alert. Moreover, it has been used to utilize people's data for issuing the helping measure from the government. Therefore, employing the Big Data of citizens is going to become normal as people are willing to trade in their privacy for safety.

7. Elevating hygienic standard globally

During the pandemic, people have become more concerned about their hygiene including wearing a mask, washing hands, and keeping all the touchable surfaces cleaned. They also have been more careful when touching things in public. This leads to the new hygienic standard. Furthermore, healthcare and prevention platforms will become more important. The basic structure of the city, building, and home shall need such a platform. Hence, both the public and private sectors need to invest in the mentioned platform to ensure consumer’s safety. Moreover, the healthcare system will be developed in both qualities wise and accessibility wise. Medical & Wellness Tourism is going to be a new trendy tour. Also, people will consume healthy food and want to be certain that the food they consumed is clean, safe, and meet the standard. They are willing to pay for high-quality products instead of the low and lack of the standard.

8. Economy at home

With the familiarity of working and doing activities at home, people’s demand of finding residence has changed. Instead of looking for a place in the city center close to the subway, people will prefer a house in a suburban area with more space for activities. Since there is no need to go out for activities and familiar with indoor on-demand activities including cooking, gardening, watching Netflix, exercising, and TikTok challenging. These activities have created a new trend called New Luxury which is the need of having equipment to create happiness inside the house, for example, a coffee maker, air fryers.

The above mentioned 8 New Normals is closer than ever as they have become people’s new normal for at least 1-2 years until the vaccine is launched. Then, will the New Normal still be a familiar part of our life? We have to wait and see.

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