5 menus and preserving methods for COVID

While everyone has to work together to keep the social distancing (Social Distancing) when eating, most order online. But the price is as low as 200 plus. To eat like this, every meal is a waste of money. Will eat only fried noodles, hard-boiled eggs Would it be better to go out and buy fresh food? Are you afraid that you will get addicted to COVID-19? If we don't have to go out often. Or order food online Have meat and vegetables to eat Suggesting a simple and easy preservation method of food, once done, you can keep it for a long time.

1.How to preserve food by "sun drying"

During hot weather There is nothing better than "drying", which is the easiest way to preserve food. Can be used for meat, vegetables, and fruits, resulting in not spoilage. Just take in the sun to remove the water and moisture. Most of this method is used to preserve food such as pork, beef, fish and bananas.

Pork / Beef

How to do

Take lean pork or lean beef Cut into long strips After that, mix with chopped garlic, ground pepper, season with salt, sugar, seasoning sauce, mix well and marinate for 2 hours then exposed to the sun. Even on a sunny day, 1-2 hours. Pork or beef in the sun is easy to keep and eat, right? Caution: When drying in the sun, don't forget to turn the meat back so that the meat is thoroughly exposed to the sun. And should not be dried for too long because it can cause the meat to become hard and dry

Snakehead fish / Dried catfish

How to do

Fresh fish are cut off the fins and heads. Slit in the middle of the back slowly. The meat is divided into 2 sides, but if fish cannot be done, it's not a problem. Just tell the seller who bought the fish to help. When the fish is finished, then wash the fish, add 1 tablespoon of vinegar to remove the mucus. Allow the fish to drain. Then fish are marinated with salt, fish sauce, 1 tablespoon of sugar (this proportion for marinating about 4-6 fish). Marinate for 20 minutes, then put in the sun for strong sunlight. Just one day Had only one sunny fish to keep for eating for a long time Importantly when drying fish, do not forget to return the fish as well so that the fish fillets are exposed to the sun thoroughly.

2. How to preserve food by "pickling"

Pickling is inhibition of microbial growth. There are many types. 1. Sour pickle, popularly used as green cabbage, cabbage, vegetables, bean sprouts. 2. Pickled three flavors. Popular vegetables include cucumber, radishes, carrots, young ginger, fresh garlic. 3. Sweet pickles such as papaya, tuber vegetables. Turnip, radish, and 4. Salted pickles, such as salted crabs, salted fish, turnip, radish. Pickling, regardless of the type The main components of the marinade are similar, namely vinegar and salt, which are salty pickles. Three pickled and sweet pickled vegetables are added sugar as another ingredient. Just adjust the taste to three flavors or to have a sweet taste. For salted pickles, the only salt is used as the main ingredient.

Radishes / carrots / pickled cucumbers

How to do  

Bring the radish, ash, or carrots, peel, cut longitudinally into square bars, length of not more than 1 creep, about 1 mm thick. For cucumbers, do not need to peel, cut lengthwise, remove the filling. Then take radishes (Carrots or cucumbers) mixed with salt and leave for 20 minutes. The marinade consists of Distilled vinegar and sugar in equal amounts by estimating the amount of the marinade to flood the vegetables Then add about 1 teaspoon of salt. No need to add a lot because the vegetables have already been mixed with salt. Tasting three flavors Then bring the marinade to a boil. Let it cool Look for jars that have a lid completely closed. Put the prepared vegetables into the jar. Then pour the marinade to flood vegetables, cover tightly Leave for 1-2 days, it can be eaten immediately. For pickled cucumbers should be shorter. Because the marinade gets into the meat easily May pickle in the morning and can eat in the evening immediately

Salted egg

How to do

Bring duck eggs to wash thoroughly. Bring 1 liter of boiled water with 1 cup pellet salt (this amount for 10 duck eggs). Boil until boiling, filtered with a white cloth to prevent the remaining salt pellets. Leave until cool Then take a glass jar and add half of the salted water. Then add the duck eggs Put the remaining saline solution in a plastic bag and wrap the mouth of the bag. Then lowered onto the duck egg This method makes the salted eggs all over the eggs. Bring the lid to seal the jar tightly. Preserved for about 14 days, can be boiled and eaten but if it's saltier, you can pickle it for up to 21 days


ุ3.How to preserve food by "fermentation"

Fermentation is food preservation that uses various microbes. To change organic substances in food The most popular fermentation is divided into 3 types. 1. Use salt to ferment until salty. 2. Use salt to marinate and contain rice or flour as an ingredient and 3 Use salt to marinate and contain vegetables or fruits as components Examples of fermentation such as fish sauce, Budu water, shrimp paste, fish kidneys, pickled fish, pickled fish, Nham, northeastern sausages, etc.

Fermented Pork Sausage

How to do

Wash pork bones thoroughly, cut them into pieces. Allow to drain, then mix 1 kg of pork bone, 1 tablespoon of salt, 1-2 pound garlic heads, cooked rice in the half-cooked cold rice. Or sticky rice crumpled and kneaded for 5-10 minutes, scoop in a zipper bag, iron out all the air Roll the bag twist and tight with a rubber band. Keep at normal temperature for 3-4 days. Sour can be fried immediately.

In addition, there are preserving methods that are commonly used for curing, plastering, and stirring, most of which are fresh fruits. Food preservation methods are considered to extend the life of the food for longer. Help save food expenses Also not having to go to the market frequently during the COVID-19 epidemic as well