From Champion of Car Race in Thailand to Emperor of Second-Hand Car Empire of Phuket

If life is like a car, the car of Kittisak Seangsalak or Ou is not a supercar since birth. It was just a tricycle on the road. But, with a strong heart that is brave enough to fight the obstacles and try things out, it has finally transformed into a supercar like today. A life that is not decided by fate, but a determined young businessman himself. When Ou was 5, he began helping his mother to sell dessert, rode the tricycle to deliver cooking gas, and monitored internet café. It might be because he was trained to learn about business since he was young. He always looks for and sees opportunities. As he grows up, he saw that mobile phones would become another part of daily life and was doing this business for 20 years till it reached its peak. He stopped the mobile phone business and followed his dream by buying a supercar for himself and this hobby leads him to become a champion of the car race in Thailand.


As a person who likes to search for opportunities, opportunities, thus, come to him. A business of second-hand cars is established under the name “House of Cars”. This is not just a heavenly blessing, but the ripen experience that Ou has in his life. A sharp thought, determination and a will to move forward and succeed brings Ou to this point with his own hands and his own power.

Love What You Do. Do What You Love. The Beginning of Second-Hand Car Showroom in Phuket.

Because of his love for supercars and because of his experience in car racing for more than 5 years, when his friends invite him to join them in the second-hand car business, Ou sees an opportunity and does not let it slip. He decided to join a friend who does this business before. When he was asked about the capitals, Ou felt that money is not as important as knowledge because money can be found at any time, but knowledge cannot be bought. In Ou’s perspective, business people need to always gain new knowledge to improve themselves as well as their business. When he did the business for about a year, he moved out and started a business of his own. He decorated the second-hand car showroom to look as luxurious as the first-hand car showroom with after-sale service. He has integrity towards his customers. Every car will have to go through a quality check before selling to ensure that cars bought from House of Cars are second-hand with 100% in good condition, but the price is 30% lower than first-hand cars. Up until now, the showroom has been opened for 3 years with 3 branches and it was considered the best second-hand car showroom in Phuket.

Because the Road is Rough, Every Achievement Always Comes after Obstacles.

Doing business about second-hand cars is not just about buying and sell. The service has to be top class and credibility is important. Ou told us that “For me, the contract is just a piece of paper but promises that I give to my customers are more important.” Because of the love and care that he gives to his customers and his top tier service standard, Ou’s business succeeds quickly. However, Ou had gone through so much hardship before he gets to enjoy his success. He said that “Nobody will succeed without failure. People can only see this fact when they have already succeeded.”

In the past, Ou had failed in doing business countless times. This includes the second-hand car business that many hurdles have to be crossed. When asked about the problems he encounters from his work, Ou thought that “There are problems every day. I face difficult problems all along. But when I overcome them, nothing is difficult anymore. One more thing, I work with love. I am happy to solve the problems and I don’t run away from them because I always believe that every problem has its own solution.” Apart from the problems that he has to face every day, another factor that Ou found to be challenging is persuasion because not everyone will see the value of buying second-hand cars. Sometimes, customers do not want old cars. To convince customers to change their minds is very hard. Only if they have trust in the business and nothing is to be worried. That is where the importance of credibility comes in.

Jealousy = Power to Push Forward

If comparing himself to a fighter, Ou fought like a plane that has no retraction. He only heads forward. Ou said “Have you ever felt jealous of rich people? It is not surprising if you envy them. Jealousy serves as the power to push me forward. It doesn’t matter how rich they are or how they become rich. For me, I will be rich in my own way. Even if it will take a long time, I will persevere.” Besides, the idol that inspired Ou to become such a businessman is none other than his father, a civil officer who always wants to do business. He taught Ou to experience working at a young age. Of course, at that time, Ou did not understand the lesson. Ou told us that his father asked him to deliver the cooking gas when he was 9. He refused to go and was punished by his father. Ou eventually gave in. At first, he was worried as the gas tank is much bigger and heavier than a 9-year-old boy can handle. When he reached his customer’s house, people came rushing out to help him. Things did not go as what he had imagined and he even got a tip as a token of appreciation from his customer.

Whatever happened on that day is considered an important lesson that his father has given to Ou and it etches in his mind that he could never forget. “My father taught me the courage to start. If I understand this sooner, I would have become a rich a long time ago.” Ou also teaches his staff to get their hands-on work and learn from experience. “I encourage my staff to think and get their hands on real work. If there is a mistake, I am ready to take responsibility. If my staff get to do actual work and when they succeed, they will become really proud of themselves and confident. This is what I try to instill in them.” Another point is Ou works with a code in his mind. “A father will teach his child to walk forward but he must not forget to look back. This is like when we mow grasses. If we only go forward and never look back, the grasses will grow and the land will be messy again.” It is no different in business. Do not think about only moving forward. We have to look back and think about what we can improve and change for the better and moving forward will be smoother. Because of his father’s teaching, Ou becomes a fighter with a heart of steel with a vision that does not give in to hardship and bravery to do business and fight obstacles.

SCB –An Excellent Partner to Push Business Forward

A man without friends is a bird without feathers. Business is the same. To be successful, one needs support from people around them to uphold the business and make it grow especially business in the digital era. If going solo, a chance for a business to survive and strive is very low. However, with a business partner, success is not far from reach. SCB is a partner that is ready to assist entrepreneurs to reach their goals. When describing SCB as a partner, Ou thinks that “I thought of 6 words: Integrity, Promptness, Convenience, Stability, Modernity and Credibility. Not long ago, bank staff recommended me to use Manee FREE SOLUTION . This helps me to decrease costs tremendously. It allows me to check on total income promptly and the transaction to different banks is free of charge. There is no limitation in doing business. What I like the most is Manee Mang Kang, a current account that offers up to 1% interest and it appeals to businessperson like me. Also, there is a car leasing service for my customers. Thus, SCB is a partner that I have always trusted.”

For an hour that we interviewed Ou, we could see that burning determination in his eyes. His will to make the business that he loves to succeed. With a heavy-duty of taking care of 3 branches of showrooms and 50 staff. When we asked if he ever felt demoralized, he answered “Of course! We can be tired. We can be demoralized. But never give up. When we feel down, look, and accept the mistakes. Whatever is good, continue doing it. If there is a problem that cannot be solved, let it go and move forward. It’s like a human heart. No matter how fast or slow it beats, it never stops. When it stops, we will die.” With his attitude to build the business, it is not a surprise why a strong businessman like Kittisak Seangsalak or Ou of House of Cars, Phuket, takes only 3 years to succeed in his business. His idea in doing business reflects on the slogan in front of the showroom – “Ou can guarantee. We only offer quality cars for Phuket people.”