What are Leisure Jobs for a Happy Retirement?

Those who are close to retirement age tend to worry whether their savings will be enough to live until the rest of their life. Referring to the average life expectancy of Thai people (data dated December 30, 2020), men are about 72.4 and women 78.9 years. This indicates that after retirement, people need to have savings to secure their life for another 10-20 years without any extra income.

Some people who already retired but didn’t have enough savings had to get back to work while their health is deteriorating. Here, we’ll share a variety of careers that fit retired people to gain extra cash and leave no burden to family members. Those who stay healthy and are still passionate about working may consider the following careers for your pleasure and profit.

  • Writer

Retired people who love writing may consider ‘writer’ as a good choice as there’s no need to leave home and working hours are controllable. A good writer needs life experience and writing skills to be able to create a touching story. At present, writers can post their stories online and make money on them. Writing is available in several types such as Blog, Page, or Product reviews from the experience of retired people. Now, there’re quite a number of products and services created for retirement age as that is a big group of people with purchasing power. Therefore, retired writers and reviewers are particularly in high demand for niche markets.

  • Translator / Interpreter / Tour guide

Retired people who are capable of foreign languages may pursue a career of Translator, Interpreter or Tour guide. Translating job requires vast experience with meticulous communication skills, and translator can work from home. Those who are healthy and have no concern about physical movement may enjoy being a Tour guide or Interpreter. Those careers will enhance socialization for retired people, and keep them from loneliness and boredom.

  • Teacher (Professor) / Lecturer / Trainer

Retired people who previously worked in large organizations have gained a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge throughout their lives. Consequently, don’t let knowledge walk out the door. It’s worthwhile to work as a freelance teacher/professor or lecturer for an educational institution or organization as you can share your valuable life experience with the next generation while also gaining extra income.

  • Tutor

Many retired people are good at conveying knowledge and can shift themselves to be student tutors. They don’t have to work for academic teaching only but can apply some specific skills to be tutors in different fields, such as Thai/Western music, Dance, Cooking/Baking, Computer/Mobile phone. A retired tutor may also teach people at the same age activities like planting trees or vegetables, basic Accounting, Drawing, Photography, or Exercise.

  • Temporary staff

The government now encourages the company or juristic person to request expense claims in hiring elderly by offering tax exemption as much as two times deductible. The number of hiring retired people is rising because the jobs don’t require much energy, such as Cashier, Contact Point staff, Sales staff, Waiter/Waitress. Those who are over the age of 60 will get an hourly wage at a minimum of 45 baht for working 7 hours a day and no more than 6 days a week. Those types of jobs can be found on recruitment websites.

  • Mechanical jobs

Some healthy retired people who have mechanical or technical skills can find those specific jobs to earn consistent income because it’s hard to find such a highly skilled mechanic these days. Jobs like Air conditioner cleaning, Repair services; tools, electrical appliances, computers, mobile phones, plumbing, painting, and some household improvements, are good sources of additional income.

  • Selling pictures online

Retired people who love taking pictures and have photography skills can generate high income from selling their masterpiece pictures through websites. There’s also an opportunity to enjoy traveling along with photo taking everywhere they go. This type of job not only brings income but also helps promote pleasurable sensations for retired people.

  • Food / Snack sales

Another job that retired people may enjoy doing at home is selling food or snacks/bakery. Those who are foodies or culinary lovers can make money from their competency. Physical store is no longer needed at the moment as you can access to Application Delivery Platform and then start your selling food or bakery right away. Interested people can apply to Robinhood App, a food delivery app, which offers help to small merchants with no GP charge and you can earn money in just one day. Please see detail at https://www.robinhood.in.th/merchant/ 

  • Planting vegetables / trees

Trends in health and wellness have led people to be aware of consuming more organic vegetables. Therefore, retired people who own vegetable gardens may take this chance to do a small business from their garden productivities as it doesn’t require a large area. Planting can be arranged in several forms such as vegetable gardening in bottles, vegetable gardening in old buckets, or vegetable gardening in tree pots. Apart from earning money, retired people are able to consume their own organic produce for better health without spending money. Some people who love planting trees may plant ornamental flowers in small pots because it’s a low energy activity and they can gain income easily. 

  • Handicrafts / Arts

Many people who reach retirement age have returned to pursue their favorite handicrafts or artwork, and make money on them accordingly, for example; Artificial flowers, DIY, Decoupage, Crochet, Knitting, Scrapbook, Watercolor painting, Embroidery, Sewing banana leaves.

  • Babysitter

Being a babysitter in the neighborhood is an ideal job for retired people who love kids or have experience in taking care of children. Parents nowadays hardly manage time to spend with their kids and nursery service is quite costly. Leaving kids to familiar and reliable neighboring babysitters is a good solution for new-gen parents with a moderate budget. 

  • Vending machine

Retired people who have a big sum of money may invest in vending machine services for Drinking water, Beverage, Washing machines, Top-up cash, etc. This service business is a one-time investment that generates return profit shortly. Location is key for installing vending machines and the right one is a community surrounded by condominiums, apartments, dormitories in the midst of crowded academic institutions.

  • Investment

Retired people who receive pension or Provident Fund may choose to invest in an asset that is not too risky, and try to protect your principal as much as you can. You may invest in low-risk assets like government bonds, fixed savings, government savings, and bonds. If you’re keen on investment, you may take a higher risks like Dividend stock funds to get an annual dividends for spending during retirement. To the greatest extent, all investments carry some degree of risk. Retired investors have to study information thoroughly before starting investment as all the money you have saved for your entire life may be gone overnight. People who are interested in investment for retirement may explore information from SCB Easy Invest, we will assist you to manage your own investment along the way.

Above all, keeping body and mind healthy is an essential matter for people at retirement age. To protect you from health risks, we recommend that you apply for health insurance. For your interest, please see detail here