Outstanding businesses respond to the aging trend

An aging society is not a distant affair and can increase your business opportunities. Ministry of Public Health said. Thai elderly an increase of 5 hundred thousand people a year and it is expected that in 2025, Thailand will become a complete aging society. There will be 1 elderly person per 5 people. From the survey of the Faculty of Management Science Mahidol University in the subject of Aging Society pointed out that Today's 48-57-year-old population, which is about to become older in the years to come. It was found that 30% had an average monthly income of 60,000 to 100,000 baht and a savings and investment rate of up to 25% of income, which was considered to have significant income and purchasing power. It was pointed out that the coming of an aging society will create many business opportunities. Because the elderly Becoming the main consumer group that marketers need to focus on Understand both attitudes and behavior. Therefore, to be an idea for entrepreneurs to develop their businesses to suit the aging society, we have some examples of strong business trends that can meet the needs of older people as follows:

1.Home and Living Business for the Elderly

In fact, now in Thailand, there are many projects that have started popping up in nearby Bangkok like Rangsit or in other provinces. Which includes both single-detached houses and condominium projects. Of course, the design of the house as well as the facilities. The project must be different from the general house. For example, there is a hospital or medical center in the community. Various assistance services are available. Including interior design to suit the physical condition and life of the elderly Which is often used in the design of Universal Design.

2. Elderly care business or Nursing Home

Which is considered a rising star business This is because it is imperative for older people who are unable to take care of themselves. Including the family and the children themselves do not have time to take care of themselves. This business must be up to standard and taken care of by real aging professionals.

3. Home renovation business

Including counseling for homeowners who lived from a young age until entering the senior age. Or to adjust the home conditions within the house to suit the living when older. Even the restoration of the home after the former homeowner who was an elderly person died. So that your children or family can sell them later.

4. Activities Various recreation

Such as playing games, playing sports, organizing travel trips, Or organizing various workshops For the elderly. Tourism businesses should provide tourism programs for the elderly, such as cultural tourism, merit-making. Including facilities and has a full range of experts in taking care of the elderly.

5.Food and beverage business

Focus on the importance of health. By calculating the suitability of the amount and type of food and drink that the elderly should receive in each meal. In order to get the right nutrients. Including the size of food pieces or ingredients used for cooking to suit both the dental condition and the digestive system according to the age of the elderly. This may not be necessary to have a storefront but using a membership system and delivering them to your home will be even more convenient for the elderly.


6. Beauty business for anti-aging

Especially among women with the idea that age is just a number and women do not stop being beautiful. Because in truth, no matter what age, everyone wants to look better and younger. Therefore, beauty businesses, spas, anti-aging products, anti-aging products and herbal cosmetics are all going to be good businesses.

7. The business providing services or assistance

Because part of the elderly may be on their own. Make them quite lonely. Including the physical condition that is inconvenient to go anywhere alone. Making business services such as taking out the home, eating as a friend, taken to hospital, or even going as a shopping friend. Or a health care assistant will be in demand.

8. Membership groups for the elderly

The creation of a member group To do activities so that the elderly who share the same passion have the opportunity to meet, meet, and exchange. Both matters of health, sports, work, hobbies. Including volunteer work and make new friends, feel fulfilled and life is more valuable

9. Design of furniture and accessories

That needs to be looked at to suit the changing body of the elderly. And has functions in a variety of applications and meets the needs of users even more.

10. Delivery business

Send everything to facilitate the elderly. Which nowadays this business is already widely popular but there will be a growing demand for an elderly society who cannot get around or carry things on their own. Therefore, this business can be broken into service to the aging society market especially. Because soon there is more demand

11. Health insurance business, life insurance, savings insurance, pension insurance

It is another business that has a chance to grow. Older people are sick more than young people. Together with the increasing cost of medical care every day and the need to have money saved for retirement. In addition, Thai people nowadays have relatively low policy tenure rates. Compared with the population It is a business gap that can make the insurance business grow considerably.

Step into the aging society of Thailand Will cause a change in the social structure the production of products and services to respond to such consumers has increased. Both the public and private sectors have already made some preparations to accommodate such changes. For entrepreneurs, this is a business opportunity to watch. Because there are still many business gaps that can represent opportunities. Should start thinking and acting today before it has far surpassed our competitors. For entrepreneurs with a good idea or business plan but still lacking funding, SCB is ready to support business loans. You can contact us for inquiries or advice at 02-7222222.