The Future of Wellness The future and wellness you can choose.

Wellness, the trend of health in the 21st century, although it is a very common term in health, what is the true meaning of Wellness, and what does it cover? Let's learn about Wellness and the importance of our health and future with Dr. Tanuphon Wirunhakarun, Chief Operating Officer and Director of BDMS Wellness Clinic. Participated by Mr. Sornchai Suneta, Chief Investment Officer, Siam Commercial Securities Company Limited (SCBS)

What is Wellness?

Dr. Tanuphon or Dr. Amp Describing the origin of Wellness, commonly known as Anti-Aging, as Preventive Medicine, which is a branch of medicine coupled with Curative Medicine. Preventive medicine focusing on preventing illness at the root cause, for example, dengue fever when illness comes to medical treatment. But the preventive medicine is to eliminate the source of the Aedes mosquito, the cause of the disease. Or in the case of the Covid-19 virus division of preventive medicine is to wash hands frequently, wear a self-protection mask, etc. As medicine progresses, people can take care of their health before they become ill. Wellness is the body's treatment before being ill.

How is Wellness important to us?

Dr. Amp explained that the science of Wellness was developed 10 years ago when the United States opened anti-aging medicine called Anti-Aging. Later, when advanced technology Able to invent stem cell cloning, this branch of medicine was developed into Regenerative Medicine, able to decipher genetically. With the advancement of medical technology, it returned to the ordinary. Healthy life, long life, not finding a magic potion but is taking good care of yourself with the principles of eating well, sleep well, diligently, exercising, not stress, making all the above healthy is the science of Wellness.

From the present situation, most of the population dies from NCD meaning non-communicable diseases. Is a disease caused by unhealthy living habits and haste Such as diabetes, pressure, obesity, lung disease, stroke or ruptured blood vessels, coronary artery disease, cancer, etc. Unlike before, people often died from infectious diseases. But in the last 50 years, as medicine has progressed, the NCD is the cause of death for most people in the world, accounting for 70%.
In 2014, 75% of Thai people die from NCD, accounting for 320,000 people per year, and even in 2020, the world's population will encounter both NCD and communicable diseases such as Covit-19.


In the case of Covid-19 Which is unpredictable when the body will get infected. What we can do is to take care of the body to have good immune health, not fat, enough rest. Eat good food useful Keep the body strong and have good immunity. No underlying disease was not easy to get sick.
If getting infected with a COVID-19 was not fatal. This is Wellness, which means good health in general.

How is a Wellness exam different from an annual examination?

Dr. Amp compares annual physical examinations that are like checking a car for a period. If found abnormal, hurry to treat. While people have never had a health check when they know that something is wrong already in a bad situation. Although it can be treated, the body may not return to its original condition. In the opinion of Dr. Amp Wellness care is a physical examination with comprehensive Check-Up is not only for liver and kidney tests, like general physical examinations. But is the use of advanced technology that can detect deep into the cell level Genetic age check. So that we can anticipate future diseases and plan to prevent illness. For example, in the case of Hollywood stars genetically tested, there is a tendency for breast cancer. The breast is cut to prevent cancer. And having various emotional tests from the level of hormones in the blood.

Stress silent executioner

Stress is a big issue that affects physical health. From the original, that was unable to clearly measure stress but nowadays, advanced medicine can measure stress from the level of Cortisol in the blood. Which is a substance that causes stress in contrast to the anti-stress DHEA hormone. Dr. Amp explained further that Body stress is caused by thinking (whether it is negative thoughts such as preoccupied, distracted, or positive thinking, such as focusing on work. All-cause stress. To not because stress is to not think, that is to let go of the meditation.

when thinking too much the pituitary gland will release the hormone cortisol. Distract When went to bed couldn’t sleep or can't sleep deep. If sleep quality is poor, when you wake up, your body is tired, easily hungry, easily tired, resulting in eating a lot of food and some are salty-sweet desserts. Lack of exercise Causing obesity and physical health Become a circuit that adversely affects the body. On the contrary Good health starts with sleep, which is important. If you are not stressed, you will get a deep sleep. Which is during the pituitary gland will secrete growth hormone, which is a substance to restore and repair the body. When wakes up, feels refreshed, clear, bright, and highly creative, an enthusiastic exercise that resulting in a healthy body, long life with quality 

Future of wellness

The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus Makes people turn to concern about health more. As well as the technology that affects health care more. When talking about future trends, Wellness will also be included. This is to create a healthy society Beginning with discipline and regular exercise Go to bed no later than 22.00 hrs., eat healthy food, let go without thinking, obsessed. All of this is not a waste of money. After that, science will be further developed with a Wellness test. Draw blood for a more profound level Using scientific results to be mapping the body into precision medicine. That adjusts the care details to suit each person. For example, if you take vitamin supplements, you should take blood to see if your body is missing any vitamins. And how to supplement it appropriately and without any harm to the body etc.

For the question of how old it is to think about Wellness? Dr. Amp explained that if using the Growth Hormone principle to slow down aging Restoration and Growth Hormone is highest in women at the age of 13 and men at the age of 15. Therefore, means that after that the human body will begin to age. Health care is therefore not limited to only older people. But health care is necessary for every human being. Should be observed when there is something wrong with the body itself Which is the body's early warning signs of health problems. Dr. Amp concluded that health care is like making merit. Must do it yourself, can't buy it. Long-life must also have good quality which is the essence of Wellness.

When you understand the meaning of Wellness, you will see that it is not far off. But it is something that is in the daily life of all of us who can choose to take care to create good health from within. Disease prevention by having a healthy body is better than treating illness. Which, although healed, but the body may not return to full function as before.


Source: SCB TV "Health is WEALTH Series" Part 3: The Future of Wellness The future and health you can choose. By Dr. Tanupon Wirunhakarun on Facebook / Youtube SCB Thailand, 4 June 2020.