Don't let COVID create a crisis in your marriage

In the situation that the Covid-19 virus Spread causing most businesses or stores to be temporarily closed Most people must stay home and Work from Home to help reduce the spread of the virus. Of course, having to change lifestyle suddenly Anxiety in the current epidemic situation, Uncertainty about what will happen in the future. All of this causes all of us to cause tension and lead to family conflict. Which is a concern as well as illness from viruses. Suggest ways to help lighten your partner's life during the COVID period.


1. Talk clearly about the responsibilities in the home

With all family members having to suddenly change their daily lifestyle, staying home all day. Husband and wife must change to take the role Perform many duties including work from home, do housework, take care of children. And the children Not going out at all makes it even more irritable, stubborn, difficult to take care of. Therefore, talking, understanding, agreeing to divide responsibilities Clearly in the house For example, who has a duty to do housework Who is responsible for cooking, who will work from Home during what time, and then will switch the time to take care of the children during which time, etc. is very important. Even in normal situations, it is important to agree to the division of duties at home. But in an unusual time, full of tension the exhaustion of many obligations plunged together. And having to be together all the time It has a huge impact on the fragile emotions of husbands and wives ready to explode at each other. Despite the slight irritability of each other Discussing your responsibilities clearly and following them will help reduce the possibility of wounding.

2. Let each person have their own time

Normally, going out to work with other people for at least 10 hours a day Became that he had to stay indoors forever. Even if the house is not very wide, it seems to have to stick together for 24 hours, may cause both parties to become frustrated from the space and time away. For this reason, Relations experts advise husbands and wives to have free time for themselves and the other to respect that time. Spending 5-10 minutes of personal time each day in a quiet corner in the house will help each party to release from stress Adjust the balance in order to come back and deal with everyday life

3. Create a good atmosphere in the house

During tense news One thing is necessary is to limit the perception of news that negatively affects the mood in the home. Especially if any family has children the fact that children see their parents watching the news all the time is stressful, which will cause them to feel worried too. Instead of keeping watching the news all day Try to find free time to do new things to make the atmosphere in the house bright, such as playing music that we both like. Watch movies that have been together for the first time. Open to see pictures while still being a lover, etc. Because a good atmosphere in the house will help the mood of the members in the house fresh. Reducing the frustration that leads to quarrel

4. Thank you for the good things that are offered

In the time of the fifties that must face danger from the invisible and situations that can change every day the panic can cause us to lose consciousness and inadvertently speak to the other person's emotions. Instead of that Try to cool your mind and focus on the small details of our partner that may have been overlooked because of the habit. Such as delicious coffee, cleaning every corner of the house, check the door bolts every night, etc. Looking back and saying thanks for good things That both parties make each other even a small matter but it is a great encouragement for the other and leads to a long-term relationship.