Awesome apps to help the new generation of parents in the IT era

Steadily increasing age numbers comes with various duties, especially in the age of family building to the podium of that father and mother Makes each time valuable. Which will work to make money and must raise children too? See how technology in today's applications can help new parents?

For people who have babies at the infant level, pre-elementary age children There are many complex details that need to take care of life to be healthy and a good child. Resulting in an application help, such as KhunLook, an application from the Ministry of Public Health Helps assess development and track the growth Analyze weight, height, development in various areas that should be. Make a vaccine list. Save each baby's teeth as well as providing age advice from pediatricians and dentists, which is a great help for new parents.

As for young children who are still crying, many parents may have a headache. Because they don't know what the child wants, they can't do anything, but today there is an app that can help translate the language from my crying baby, the Chatter Baby app. Developed from a neurologist at California State University, Los Angeles campus. How to use is to record children singing the app to process. There are 3 types of analysis which are hunger, irritability, annoyance, and pain. In addition, the developer also said that children in different countries will have different singing accents. May cause the results to be inaccurate but now trying to analyze and collect data from children around the world as much as possible to ease the problems of parents around the world.

While this time must admit that social media is both good and bad. How can parents know what their kids are doing online? Get to know Google Family Link. A new app from Google helps monitor and control children's mobile usage. In addition to checking Also has features to help approve or block downloaded apps Set usage time and can find the location of children as well. Can say that complete and ensuring that children can use it safely on social media.

Next, I'd like to recommend this app. Although there is still no service provider in Thailand but is considered to have received attention until receiving the award for startups in 2018. Believe that many parents may be working to the point of finding a child so difficult in addition, traffic congestion sometimes causes the baby to wait too long, so the Zūm app calls a car with the driver to pick up the child at school. Comes with a detailed driver profile screen, including child-rearing experiences, fingerprints, criminal history. Select only those who have been certified to build trust with their parents. Check the status during real-time travel for the safety of children. Considered that this model is very successful. Can only hope that any Thai service provider will develop it to the actual situation Because it helps to ease the energy of a parent to travel more children.

The final application should help relieve stress on mothers. Because, as you know, shopping with women is a couple. Many moms are very good at online shopping. Some people while at home raising children. They use the moment when the child is asleep. Most of them are buying things for children. Especially cute clothes and bring to dress up for the child to look cute. Causing more money to spread out than work normally. And popular apps, it is inevitable that famous online app stores such as Shopee and Lazada are easy to buy. And there are still many baby discounts Can say that it is ordered close to the postal worker or home delivery person.

All of this makes being a new parent in this era. Not difficult anymore Because there are many types of technology to help lighten Is another important tool in helping children to grow effectively as well.