6 places in Thailand that make you feel like they’re abroad

Though the current situation prohibits us from traveling across continents, we still have a lot of terrific places in Thailand that are comparable to the world’s famous places. Shorter distance and more economical. We are recommending 6 places in Thailand which are like traveling internationally so you can go whenever you are ready.

Sunbathing and diving like in the Maldives at Lipe

Thailand’s Andaman sea is equally spectacular to other world’s famous destinations. Lipe Island, Satul is a part of Tarutao National Park with clear blue sea water, ultrafine white sand, and full of coral reefs and sea creatures. Hence, Lipe has been named as Thailand’s Maldives, the heaven of Andaman. It is the popular destination for diving among sea creatures. Besides, traveling to Kai island, Adang island, and Ko Hin Ngam island is only 1.5 hours by a speed boat or 3 hours by ferry. 


Swiss-like romantic sightseeing at Pang Ung

Traveling up north to Mae Hong Son province to visit Pang Ung, the Pang Tong Royal Development Project, which has a Swiss-like romantic feeling. Pang Ung was initiated by King Rama IX in order to restore the ecosystem near the Pang Tong reservoir and Fang Pang Ung. Pang Ung covers a large area with a reservoir or lake located in the center which is full of the swan and black swan. The lake is surrounded by Merkus pine, Khasi pine, and winter flowers. Fog can be found in the morning above the lake. Moreover, the weather at Pang Ung is chilly to cool over the year. The place can be visited either as a one-day trip or overnight stay. Rafting among spectacular environments and visiting the royal garden where fruits, e.g., avocado, Asian pear, and plum, and winter flowers which include hydrangea and rose, grow.  

Experiencing Thai cherry blossom at Doi Mae Salong

Still in the north, moving to Doi Mae Salong, Chiang Rai. From January to March, which is the winter season, tourists can enjoy wild Himalayan cherry blossoms which are denominated as Thai cherry blossoms. Moreover, Doi Mae Salong is the homeland of the best quality tea of Thailand which becomes another famous attraction due to its beautiful multiple-stepped tea plantation, for example, 101 tea plantation, and Wang Put Tan. These places are where tourists can be impressed by the vibe and take nice photos while drinking high-quality oolong tea. Furthermore, tourists can visit Phra That Srimahapho Mongkol Boonchum which is respected by the locals, and the Lanna-applied pagoda, Phrathat Chedi Srinagarindra Stit Maha Santi Khiri, which was built to contribute to the King Rama IX’s mother.

Visiting the Grand Canyon at Sam Pan Bok

Sam Pan Bok National Park or the Grand Canyon of Thailand got its name from the breathtaking nature-built structure, which is as beautiful as the one in Arizona, USA. The sculpture was created from sandstone eroded by the tide for thousand years forming more than 3,000 of 3 - 7 meters height grooves with a pool-like shape varying in size upon imagination. During the drought season, the canyons can be clearly seen above the water surface which looks like a mountain in the middle of the Khong River. While in flooding season, the structures will be underneath the water creating reflection as the sun sets which is notably spectacular. Besides, Sam Pan Bok is a habitat of river creatures that preserves the ecosystems. Tourists can do sightseeing by either on a boat or a car.

Venice-style Cruising at Damnoen Saduak floating market and Amphawa floating market

Interested in cruising? No need to go further than Damnoen Saduak floating, Ratchaburi, and Amphawa floating market, Samut Songkhram. These 2 places are named Venice of Thailand. The Damnoen Saduak floating market has long been the classic attraction for Ratchaburi. When the market is open, the place is crowded with merchant boats and tourists who come to taste the foods and cruise along the tide to discover the old charm of the local’s lives. The merchandise being sold include fresh foods, cooked foods, snacks, juices, agricultural products, handmade products, and souvenirs.

The Amphawa floating market is the only evening-operating floating market in Thailand which is charming because of the authentic lifestyle along Mae Klong River where full of wood homes lie. At the night, firefly tours are available which allow you to see the illuminating bug under cork trees which are beautiful.

Cruising at Ratchaprapha Dam, Guilin of Thailand

Back to the southern part of Thailand at Surat Thani, there is an irresistible attraction we would like you to visit which is the Ratchaprapha Dam or the “Cheow Lan Dam” at Khao Sok national park. This place is famous for its beautiful scenery of the lake surrounded by the green forest with the limestone hill as the background which looks like Guilin. Therefore, the place is called “Guilin of Thailand”. However, the Ratchaprapha Dam is unique in its scenic view as well as the activities that tourists can enjoy including swimming, kayaking, staying on the raft, experiencing the fog when hiking in the forest, and caves, and seeing the hornbill. This place is best for anyone who loves adventures. 

Even in this tough time that traveling abroad is almost impossible, however, we are lucky enough that our nation is full of terrific places we can visit including mountains, rivers, lakes, islands, forests, streams, and authentic lifestyle communities. We can travel to those places to take a break and relax while helping the local businesses and economics. Accommodations can be found at 

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