Pak Klong with Chicness

In the midst of raining season, colourful and beautiful flowers are arranged in the shops or stalls in the biggest wholesale fresh flower market in Thailand. Yes! We are talking about “Pak Klong Market” at Phra Nakhon District by the Chao Phraya River. Another old district with hidden charm among variety of fresh flowers. Come on now! Let us look for chicness of attractive old district, Pak Klong Market.

Jakkrapet Road

The main route of Pak Klong Market is located with many flower shops along both sides. Most of the shops are opened 24 hours, selling Thai and foreign flowers –roses, lilies, carnations, gypsophila, statice flowers etcetera. There are many colorful flowers that come at wholesale prices to choose from. This is also a heaven for people who like handcrafting. Pak Klong Market sells flowers that are commonly used for handcrafting such as crown flowers, gardenias, marigolds, bachelor buttons, popped rice, jasmines, and lotuses as well as elegant and neat flower garlands in reasonable price for buyers to purchase back.

Floral Café at Napasorn

A glass window decorated with flowers with white letters written “Floral Café at Napasorn” invites visitors to visit this famous café of Pak Klong Market. The ground floor of this stall is a floristry and the second and third floors are opened as a café. The café is decorated in a vintage theme, beautiful and surreal like that of a fantasy world. Sitting by the window, gazing out to the drizzling rain while sipping on a drink and tasting a delicious bakery can definitely make someone’s day.

Location :

Yod Phiman Market

If thinking about markets, most of the people would have a picture of fresh food and foul smells, but this would not be found in Yod Phiman Market, the 4th biggest fresh flower market in the world and the ancient flower market of half a century old in town. Before stepping into the market, the attractive smell of many Thai and foreign flowers can be scented. When stepped inside the market, various kinds of flowers can be seen such as huge strings of marigold, big bags of jasmine chilled in an icebox, orchids, bunches of rose, crown flowers, lotuses, chrysanthemums, and colorful flower garlands. Apart from flowers that covered about 80% of the market, there are also fresh fruits and vegetables to shop at the back of the market.

Location :

Farm to Table Hide Out

Nobody would think that there will be a restaurant located at old and run-down shop houses near Yod Phiman Market. Farm to Table Hideout is a restaurant renovated from an old shophouse. The building was newly painted. In front of the restaurant, there are potted plants growing next to the glass windows. Outside the restaurant is decorated with white cement pillars, metal gate, and classic fences. The interior is beautifully decorated. A hidden dream place that people would look for in their lives. The dishes served here use organic ingredients from Chiang Rai to cook home-made food for those who love healthy food with delish taste. The restaurant is always packed with customers as a guarantee that they really serve good food here.

The recommended dish would be grilled chicken salad. Fresh vegetables, tender chicken meat, and soft-boiled egg make a refreshing combination. Topped with salad dressing with perfect thickness, this dish is really a must-try. Besides, cabbage and steamed fish with curry paste is recommended. Strong spices with perfect spicy taste and large fish cutlets go along very well together, making a perfect dish. Also, pork curry rice with super tender pork and fragrant jasmine rice taste the best. All the mentioned above are served at an affordable price, packed with quality that everybody would be willing to pay.


Saphan Phut or Memorial Bridge

Let us continue from Yod Phiman Market, take a walk along the river and there is Saphan Phut or Memorial Bridge, a bridge connecting Phra Nakhon and Thonburi districts together. Saphan Phut has been standing for more than 80 years. Its metal structure is so classic that it was used as a location for many historical dramas. At the foot of the bridge, there is a monument of H.M. King Phuttayodfah Chulalok, King Rama I of Chakri Dynasty, fully dressed and seated on his throne. His hand placing on the sword that lies on his lap. His face turned towards Tri-Petch Road. The artist of this monument is none other than Professor Silpa Bhirasri.

Location :

Praisanee Yakarn

It is a light yellowish 2-story European building, situated along the river near the foot of Phra Pok Klao Bridge. It is the very first post office in Thailand. In the reign of King Rama V, it was originally a manor of Phra Preecha Kolakan (Samang Amatayakul), the former governor of Prachinburi that was sentenced to death. The former building was established in 1871 and abolished in 1982 to build Phra Pok Klao Bridge. The present building was newly constructed as a replica of the former in 2003 and opened as Thailand Postal Museum for Thai postal business interests. It opens from Friday to Sunday at 1200-2000 hrs.

Location :

Somjai Stationery Shop

From Praisanee Yakarn, strolling down Tri-Petch Road, passing by Ratchaburana Ratchaworawihan Temple, we will arrive at Somjai Stationery Shop, Phahurat Branch. It is the legendary stationery shop of the art students. It is located opposite Suankularb Wittayalai School, near the Poh-Chang Academy of Arts. It sells stationery and art tools at affordable prices for students. If anyone has a chance, stops by the shop and have a look inside.

Location :

Roti in front of Poh-Chang Academy of Ar

Here comes the turn of the most famous roti in this district, Roti in front of the Poh-Chang Academy of Arts. It has been famous for 50 years. The roti bread is hot, crispy outside and soft inside and not oily. Topped with condensed milk and sprinkled with sugar crystals, giving a perfect taste. There are 3 types of roti to choose from –crispy roti, soft and thick roti, and roti with egg. All these are sold at the same price, 40 baht. It was so delicious that one would not realize when they finish the whole roti bread. When it is time for payment, just take out a smartphone and scan QR code to pay through SCB EASY Application. How convenient!

Location :

Wangburapa Café

Let us go on to Wangburapa Café, a café decorated in retro style, giving classic vibes like in the palace. As the name of the café suggested, in the past, this piece of land where this café located was a part of Buraphaphirom Palace, the residence of Prince Bhanurangsi Savangwongse, the younger brother of King Rama V, nicknamed Prince of Burapha Palace.

The café mainly serves traditional Thai dishes like Thai sour curry with dill omelet, hot chili sauce and sweet pork fried rice, shrimp paste Pad Thai, stir-fried prawns seasoned with salt and chili with rice, pineapple fried rice with creamy omelet, minced shrimp in chili paste, curry-fried shrimp etcetera. As for the drinks, here serves coffee, fruit soda, and smoothies. The signature drink that visitors must try is “Burapha Soda”. This drink consists of mangos, strawberries, and soda, giving a sweet and sour refreshing taste. Come on and have a bite of great food and good drinks amidst the historical vibes of the ancient palace.

Location :

The Old Siam Plaza

Let us end this trip with The Old Siam Plaza, a 4-story shopping mall with Thai and Western architectural style during the reign of King Rama V. This mall houses a variety of shops selling clothes, electrical appliances, and consumer goods as well as guns outside of the mall. Inside the mall, there is also Fueng Nakhon Court, where many kinds of Thai cuisines and desserts are presented and Ming Mueng Court, where clothes are being sold. On the third floor, there are food court and karaoke room that is a popular gathering place of elderly to reminiscing the thriving past of Burapha Palace District.


Up to this point, would you like to explore the hipster side of Pak Klong Market now? Experience it yourselves and, without you knowing, you will fall in love with this place.