Study in Taiwan: Choose a right home to live well will not go wrong

The international education season is here to let Thai teenagers get excited again. One country in which has become more popular for the new generation in Taiwan. Aside from studying the Chinese language for further knowledge There are further master and doctoral studies that are starting to encourage foreigners to exchange more experience. Also, it is not far from Thailand, the cost of living is about the same, the city is clean and tidy. All are the protagonists of this hot destination in tandem with the famous pearl milk tea.

But before opening the door to the world, preparation before travel is important. Especially in terms of living, looking for lodgings, living and financial planning with a few tips to know to make the journey to study smooth without interruption.


Find accommodation before traveling

Start by finding a home Recommend starting to look at the website That is the hub of finding a top house or join a Facebook group that is like a place to find houses or rent a variety of houses.

The next step is to choose the location. For newcomers, it's recommended to pin near the university or language institute targeted. If you want the most peace of mind May to choose to live in a university dormitory first. The advantage is that it is near the educational institution and is very cheap. Priced at not more than 5,000-8,000 baht per month. And if it is a multiple beds dormitory room and shared bathroom or in universities outside of Taipei maybe even cheaper at the level of 3,000-4,000 baht per month. But the disadvantage is that most dormitories do not allow full cooking. If you are staying for a long time, you may not be able to bear the thought of cooking Thai food by yourself.

Advantages of staying in a shared house

The next popular option for international students is to find a shared house. Or houses that share rooms for rent and have shared common areas. There are both apartment types for the zone in Taipei. And if it is an outer zone like New Taipei, there will be the whole house as an option as well. But the price will move a little higher the advantage is that it feels close to home. There are full facilities such as the kitchen, living room. Techniques for finding a little more information are Inquire about whether there is an elevator or not and how the waste management system is? Because in Taipei, if any building does not have a litter service resident must collect garbage daily, run to trap and wait to be discarded at the collection car at the specified time. Because of the waste separation issue here is very serious.

Prices for rooms with rooms for rent range from 7,000 baht or more for the outer zone. But if the closer to the train, the price will move up to tens of thousands up. Rooms with an unsuited bathroom will be more expensive.

Another advantage of staying in a villa like this is If a person likes to learn Will have the opportunity to exchange culture with foreign friends.

Another type for those who like solitude is the room that has full facilities such as a small pantry for preparing meals, washing machines, refrigerators without sharing with anyone. This type of room will cost a little higher than the average 15,000 baht or more but will live more freely.

The environment near the accommodation is also important

The environment around the house is also important. Don't forget to look in the zone near the supermarket or parks in order to fully experience the quality of life in Taiwan. Or if in a zone that is far from a train at least, it should be close to the UBike public bike park that will save energy and time in the rush day.

Home preparation already, it is important to send money to the child as rent for the house. Which nowadays does not have to be difficult to transfer money across countries Just have a Planet SCB top-up card. This can be used to top up foreign currencies with special exchange rates equivalent to leading currency exchange stores of up to 13 popular currencies Including the Taiwan Dollar (TWD) through the AF SCB EASY App for 24 hours. Apply quickly and easily via SCB EASY App. Free for a lifetime fee. Get a prepaid card When arriving there, use the Planet SCB card to press money through an ATM or use it to swipe at the store. And can also be used to shop online at stores accepting VISA. If the card is lost, the card can be freeze via the SCB EASY APP. No need to carry a lot of cash while traveling.

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