Change Your Lifestyle to Cope with COVID-19

The third wave of COVID-19 is threatening and reaching us more. Some rigid policies have been resumed in the mid of uncertainty. This situation has severely affected the Thai economy, especially SMEs. How do we live happily, safely and protect ourselves against COVID? We are here to share some tips to adjust yourselves and renew your mind.

Even though it’s the same virus but COVID differs from HIV; the epidemic rate of AIDS is low while COVID-19 is tremendously high. COVID-19 is an emerging infectious disease and the very first virus that challenges human beings! It’s possible that more emerging diseases will be gradually coming. The emerging disease is derived from 3 causes.

Firstly, the excess number of the world population has invaded animal lives to disappear from the world by deforestation. Animals have no place to stay and die accordingly. Bacteria and viruses that used to live in animals have transferred into the human body. A large extension of humans has continually brought many more emerging diseases from animals to human beings.

You may not know that a common cold is caused by horses, the flu from duck, pertussis from pigs, tuberculosis from cows, SARS from birds, Ebola from monkeys and COVID probably from bats. That is just the first phase of emerging diseases that may be recurred in the future. We have to prepare our bodies and mind to fight against the upcoming severe diseases.

Secondly, the global temperature has risen and the world is getting hotter. Bacteria are inactive in cold temperatures and they will start looking for the human body when it’s getting warmer, and that’s why the outbreak happened.

Thirdly, people in the city are living in clustered settlements that are vulnerable to the global pandemic. What should we do? How can we adjust our living to fight against new pandemic diseases that keep invading and destroying our life? Things we must do are to boost our immunity in both body and mind and to follow the 6 practices.


1.     Consume foods rich in free radicals mainly fruits and vegetables and very little meat.

2.     Drink clean water because unclean water causes diseases.

3.     Get enough sunlight as Vitamin D comes from the sun and is needed for resistance to infection. There is clear evidence that Vitamin D decreases the risk of experiencing respiratory tract infection. Those with low Vitamin D are likely to get infections easily as well as COVID-19. New studies report that among the deaths, a greater number of deaths are those with low Vitamin D.

4.    Moderate and regular exercise can build immunity.

5.     Sleep improves the immune system based on scientific evidence.

6.     Reduce stress as it’s the enemy of your immune system.

There’s not much that we need for a good life. Firstly, we need consciousness and knowledge as basic factors to live a secure life. Our body is not as stable as consciousness. We may get sick but our life will move on if we are conscious. Secondly, air which is free but it’s rare to get fresh air in big cities. Thirdly, water; we, fortunately, have had a lot of rain so we don’t experience severe water shortages. Fourthly, food; Thailand is an agricultural country and we have plenty of land for planting and farming all year long. And fifthly, house. In fact, there are only basic needs essential for our life but many people nowadays are materialistic which exceeds the demand of life.

Did you know that many Thais don’t have their own houses and some don’t own land to make a living? Research states that 80% of Thais have less than 50,000 baht in a savings account. The important issue is how do we make those people live better lives. We can share something with them if we can plus support from the government to let them get through difficult times.

Apart from solving challenges in people’s living, managing your stress for a happier life is another significant concern, or we can call it a “Living strategy”. As soon as people wake up, they tend to think about finding happiness outside. But in reality, happiness comes from within, we must be calm and delightful before spending our time outside. Just relax and stay peacefully and you can be happy. After that, all you need is to be conscious. Don’t explore happiness from the outside. We should understand life, live naturally, and don’t have to do anything great. Just plant a tree and that means you do something for this world. Everyone can do that and there’s nothing to pay for.

There’s an opportunity in every crisis. COVID may be a good opportunity to change our living strategy. The post-COVID world will be the world of health concerns. Healthy food products will be highly demanded in the market. The positive side of this crisis is people have more interest in their health when medications and vaccines are not available. They learn that they need to take care of their health, and good health starts on their own; that is peace of mind and happiness from within. Live a simple life with basic needs only like spending time in the garden, getting sunlight, consuming good food, exercising regularly, and staying away from the crowd. A strong body and a refreshing mind will protect us against diseases.

As illness is an unpredictable matter. We can’t guarantee that we won’t get sick in the future even though we have taken good care of our health. Having health insurance covering medical expenses can ease your worries about an unexpected matter in the future. For information about health insurance, please visit

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