Anyone who misunderstand come this way, investment in this property is possible.

Real estate investment is another interesting option for those who want to fight inflation. Because if investing in quality products, location, quality location, at the right timing, would lead to a good long-term rate of return. In the past with misunderstanding, causing many people choose to invest in the same way.

This article will adjust to a new understanding and inform you that investing in this type of property can be done!

1.Invest a single house for resale or lease

When talking about investment in property, many people may think of condominium investment as the priority. Until a single house almost became "Out-of-sight options" because they think that single-family homes are difficult to resell and rent out

But the single houses can be resold and rented out as not as hard as you think.
Just must focus on the target audience and choose a location that is suitable for that target group. For example, if wanting to focus on ex-pat groups or foreigners who come to work in Thailand with their families may choose the "Bangna" "Bangna" Which is a location that can head to the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), a hub of industrial estates One of the important jobs for foreigners, both now and in the future.

At the same time, Bangna also has a full range of facilities for foreign families, such as many leading international schools. International universities such as Assumption University, large shopping malls such as Central Bangna and Mega Bangna. Have top golf courses for relaxing or business meetings. Examples of interesting single-family house projects in this area such as Khunasiri Bangna and Narasiri Bangna

2. Invest a townhome for the family instead of a single house

In case of wanting to buy, both for own residence with the family then resell. To be clear, it is "Long-term assets", single houses often stand for a number one. While townhomes have become an option that is often seen standing in another row because people tend to think that townhomes have less usable space than single houses.

If looking at different angles of view or adjusting the view, townhome might be a more suitable option than a single house. For a starting family up to an extended family that wants to buy it as a long-term asset. Because the townhome has a more tangible price. At the same time, the location of the townhome is somewhat more in the community area than the single house. Therefore, able to commute easily. More than that Currently, there are many townhome projects that provide a home living space no less than a single house such as Siri Place Project. Which exists in many locations.

3. Sell ​​or rent a condo yourself without a broker

In the past, many people might think that each time you sell or rent a condo needs to be done through a professional broker only. Since it is a convenient way that takes care of various matters completely and easier to reach potential buyers.

But today, in the digital disruption era, there are online channels and new platforms occur a lot. You can also sell or rent out the condo yourself. You just need to know the target customers of each condo location. Know which way he uses to find products. For example, you might post in the Facebook group of the ex-pat group to penetrate the international market. Each post must complete all details, clearly illustrated. Importantly, do not forget to include your contact methods as well.

If you still can't think of how to reach customers. Might try posting announcements on the website to find rooms for rent or buy condos such as Plus Property.

4. Long-term investment instead of preemption

Thinking of investing in real estate, especially condominiums Many people are worried about "making laps". Therefore, use the method to buy preemption certificates with the hope of earning profits quickly

But now called "The era of preemption buying has passed" And real estate prices are not things that will fluctuate within 2-3 days. Therefore, if considering real estate investment long-term investment will provide a better return on investment.

Investing in all types of real estate has different advantages and disadvantages.
Therefore, investors should carefully study the pros and cons of each type of real estate from reliable sources. In order to invest appropriately Don't let the misunderstanding shade. Until losing good investment opportunities!