How to invest in "Diamond" to get a good profit

When talking about diamonds, many people may see them as just jewelry that enhances their status and personality. But in fact, “Diamond” is another form of investment that is no less interesting than other investments. In addition to buying to decorate the body In the future, it can also be converted into cash to make a profit as well. This article will introduce how good to invest in diamonds. And what kind of diamonds must be chosen to be able to sell for a good profit in the future?

Buying diamonds is another form of investment that is still not very popular. But in fact, it is an investment with less risk than other investments. Because the price is not as sensitive or up and down as gold. For the reason that diamonds are worth investing in, not inferior to other assets. There are many reasons including:

1.       Higher return than deposit: “Diamonds” are precious and valuable gemstones. The price will continue to increase in the future. Therefore, it is popular to collect as a legacy from generation to generation. And it is also a solid alternative asset to invest. Can be traded on the world market no different from gold Because it is an asset that is used all over the world and has a certificate. with world standards to support. Suitable for buying and collecting for medium to long-term investment. In the past, the return on diamonds was higher than deposits in banks.

2.       Diamond prices tend to increase in line with high-end quality and grades. Statistics show that diamond prices have been trending higher over the years. from the continuous increase in market demand. In particular, people accept that diamonds are valuable assets in every dimension. The main volume in the diamond market is now controlled by De Beers. The price of diamonds changes according to the principle of supply and demand. At the same time, diamonds are suitable for investment. It should be a natural, high-quality, flawless diamond. Focus on diamonds that are top grade. For example, 100, 99 D Color or E color, which are rare diamonds in small quantities.

3.       Real diamond industry keeps growing Investing in diamonds continues to attract more and more attention around the world. By the end of 2020 in the United States and China, which are large markets of the diamond industry There is a continuous growth in sales of 5-10% and 15-20% respectively. In late 2020, diamond prices have increased in diamonds of all colors and sizes. Importantly, diamonds are assets with low volatility. It was found that in the past 20 years, diamond prices have decreased only 2 times, but after a short period of time, they have returned to normal. This reflects that the risks of investing in diamonds tend to be very low. Because the price is stable and not as volatile as other assets, and even volatility does not occur in the long term.

4.       Buying diamonds for investment Must have a certificate from a trustworthy and verifiable institution. In order to start investing in diamonds, the first thing you need to be aware of is to buy diamonds that come from reputable sources. Have a certificate from an internationally recognized institution such as the GIA or HRD. Currently, diamond purchases start at a size of 30 satangs or more, they can receive a certificate from an institute that is accepted around the world. which in addition to ensuring the quality of diamonds It can also make future resales more flexible. But one thing to be aware of about certificates is to verify the details to make sure they are genuine. You can check the institution's website to certify whether the number is correct or not.

Choose diamonds to resell for future

“Diamonds” are rare and limited gemstones. The more diamonds that come from good natural sources, the higher the price. But another important factor that increases the value of diamonds many times more is meticulous cut. One of the best diamond cutting sites is in Antwerp Belgium.

The intricate cut makes a diamond with the most beautiful radiance characteristics. Investing in diamonds is known as the hardest gem. Must buy diamonds in the right way. That is, in addition to beauty, the quality must be correct according to the 4Cs, which are:

1. Cut 

2. Color

3. Carat Weight 

4. Clarity 

Buying diamonds each time, besides looking at beauty Design that meets your needs What should be considered and given importance is the value of diamonds. Because no matter how many carats of diamonds you buy, the selected diamond must be a diamond of good natural origin, good quality, with a fine cut. In addition, must have a diamond quality certificate to make each purchase worthwhile. In fact, diamonds that have been certified by world-class institutions start from small beads. Diamond quality certificates of 0.19 carats or more are available, ensuring buyers are genuine diamonds at affordable prices and the availability of certificates makes them easy to resell in the future.

Although diamonds are another attractive investment option. But there are some risks like other forms of investment, for example, it is difficult to predict future prices. But if investing in the long term 3-5 years or more, it can win inflation. In addition, the price of diamonds is linked to the currency Like other assets If the baht weakens, the diamond price will be expensive. Strong baht, diamond price will be cheap. However, although investing in "diamonds" has some risks, in the past 4-5 years it has become more popular. Because diamonds are increasingly valued regardless of the economic crisis or the epidemic. The price of diamonds can continue to grow. is a tangible asset and is currently a low-risk asset

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