New Online Mindset- online skills in the world after COVID-19

Because the online world is a consumer center businesspeople are heading to this field to find the target audience. To change from a stranger to a customer. And with COVID, it is also a catalyst for consumer changes, resulting in a New Normal, causing businesses to speed up to adapt. So as not to lose the opportunity and finally lose the field. Khun Munthita Jinda (Tip), Vice President of Digital Marketing, Workpoint Entertainment, Founder & MD Digital Tips Academy, and owner of the Digital Tips Academy page, tell us about the postmodern world COVID -19. What skills must be abandoned? learn more and learn again. So that businesspeople can adapt to keep up with this rapid change


Update platforms in the digital world

When it comes to the platform, most users in the world is Facebook. Khun Tip has updated the activity that Facebook will launch the Facebook Shops service, which is an online sales channel designed to be easier to sell, helping entrepreneurs to sell items via Facebook and Instagram more easily. There are features to help sell online. For example, you can view customer data, create templates, decorate the store, increase the visibility through the Feed or Story page, and have points. Facebook Shops will open in the United States before Thailand and is a free service. As for the main Instant Messaging service providers in Thailand such as LINE, My Shop is an e-commerce website for selling goods via LINE Pay and with Smart Chat as an AI Respond Message to help answer customers' questions on behalf of the seller.

Content that Thai people like during the COVID period

As Khun Tip is an executive at Workpoint Entertainment, she says that the popular program shows are news programs because people want to know the number of people infected. Entertainment will be family programs such as Super Ten, Super Hundred, reflecting the needs of family members during this period. In addition, Khun Tip also mentioned a Google report on Thai behaviors watching YouTube during Social Distancing. Thai people watch Youtube learn online on various matters. Followed by cooking with a search for recipes such as pancakes, weight-loss food, steamed eggs, and stir-fried basil respectively. Reflecting that Thai people are interested in developing themselves in various fields Including finding activities to do during the COVID period

Skills that must have after COVID

According to Alvin Toffler, "people without education in the 21st century are not people who can't read or write, but people who are unable to learn. Or removing previously learned things to learn new things " When asked Khun Tip, after what did David have to change the way he thinks, adjust his attitude, and develop skills? Khun Tip has the following views

1. Unlearn because the original formula, original knowledge, original expertise Is no longer available in the situation right now. COVID taught that there is absolutely nothing. There are always unforeseen events. Like the Business Plan, before it was possible to take months. But after COVID for only 2 weeks, it was achieved. Urgently need to be adjusted Sometimes must change to a new business. Such as the story of a suit-tailor shop called Suit Cube, which employs more than 100 people. When COVID had to close the shop. The owners find a solution to how to keep the employees to have money and still have work to do. Then brainstorm and finally, come to the conclusion that cooking is the way. The owner, therefore, held a contest on the menu of the winner's menu, which is grilled pork with fermented fish. It appears that they were able to sell. The customers are an old customer who used to tailor a suit at the shop, showing that during this situation, he must do what he does not familiar with, not an expert. But everyone is ready to learn and start again. If still sticking to the old expertise that must sell suits, May not be able to conduct business until now.

2. Relearn  Khun Tip sees that there are some things to learn more:

  • Digital Skill. Because, in the future, Social Media will become the mainstream (Mainstream), therefore, the training of various online skills Is important. For example, during the COVID, people can try online meetings, study online, order delivery through apps, or through software. The digital skills that Khun tip suggests learning are Data to understand customers and learn various online platforms or use tools to help businesses reach and understand customers more. Khun Tip gave an example of a Find Food shop onLINE Shop that turned the crisis around Kovid. Gather farmers' groups that cannot sell exported fruit. Switched from selling offline to online, earning eight hundred thousand baht from this event. And the agricultural group can survive by learning to use the platform to find customers

  • Soft Skill   In the future, robots will work instead of humans. Especially the work that is repeated or dangerous work Because operators see that if a crisis of this nature reappears. The use of human labor is at greater risk than robots that can always work without interruption. And what robots can't replace humans with is Soft Skills such as Empathy, Creativity, Innovative Thinking. Therefore, it should be developed.

3. Learn  or skills that must be re-learned New learning must also include skills like learning more or Relearn:

  • Digital Skill:   Khun Tip would like to see that Digital Skill has many fields to see what business in. is currently What knowledge is required? Or if the business doesn't have a Digital Asset, they must create or adjust existing skills to online

  • Soft Skills including Empathy, must understand customers' thoughts How do you feel? Using tools as a tool to help you understand your customers on time and to apply them to your business trends, such as Google Trends, Wisesight Trend, Pantip, and Creativity, Innovative Thinking is important to learn. As well

Recommend  favorite books

Reading is the fastest learning experience in the past. Khun Tip, as a reading lover, would like to suggest his favorite book to try and read. The first book, The Hard Thing About Hard Things, was written by Ben Horowitz, the legendary CEO, and investor of "Silicon Valley" that had been through the monsoon in the bubble start-up business. Khun Tip said that normally the books are written only from beautiful perspectives and good comments. But for this book, the opposite. Such a difficult matter is not to set great goals. But it's about releasing people when you don't reach that goal or difficult. It's not about finding talent. But dealing with when smart people begin to demand things you can't give. Second Book: Overhaul the Rework Idea. Written by Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson. Translated by Asaya Takadkul. Khun Tip said that this book says that the business mindset will miss important business themes. Dismantling all methods of thinking in the workplace Helps to wake up the mind. Third book: Make People Hooked. Written by Nir Eyal, Ryan Hoover. Translated by Virote Phatthateprakhon. The book will talk about the factors that make customers want to re-use products and services. The 4th book, My Life as a Coach, was written by Sikvek Breake, which reflects the way of thinking as a leader. Khun Tip said that she can learn from reading this book.

Suggesting ways to cope with the New Normal style of SMEs

Khun Tip compares the business to driving a car that "When driving a race car, having to bend at high speed Our eyes have to look at the road. Not looking at the wall. This means having to focus on problem-solving Not focus on things that we cannot control or fix. "That means that when doing business when encountering problems and obstacles that cannot be resolved, there is no need to solve them. Do only editable That is the best, in addition, Khun Tip mentioned about seeing other people sell good things and sell as follows. In addition, Khun Tip mentioned seeing other people sell good things and sell as follows "What is popular means that we are too late. Let us think again about what the next trend will be. What will continue this hit, our business will survive. " Including when asked how to make online marketing successful, what to do? Khun Tip answered, "Success or failure It's not just about skills, but in the mindset that is determined not to give up and be successful. "

Successful online marketing in this era, in addition to being diligent in training yourself, must also Unlearn by abandoning the original formula, leaving the same expertise, relearn to learn more, to keep up to date. And finally, having to learn new things, both Digital Skill and Solf Skill will make the business grow sustainably and steadily through this COVID crisis.

Source: SCBTV New Online Mindset, Changing Mindset in New Online Marketing via Facebook, SCB Thailand, May 20, 2020