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In December 2022, Cambodia signed the Cambodia-South Korea Bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA), which is Cambodia's second bilateral agreement. Previously with China (CCFTA) and from now on, the goal is to do FTAs with more main trading partners, including the United Arab Emirates, India, Japan, the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), Canada and Latin America. In addition to the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), which consists of 10 ASEAN countries, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. This is to expand export markets and attract investors from other countries to invest in setting up more production bases in Cambodia. By focusing on the export of important economic products of the country such as clothes, shoes, bags, and travel equipment. including agricultural products. It expands the economic potential of Cambodia. Products produced in Cambodia can reach a wider market. It is an attempt to adapt in addition to relying mainly on the European Union (EU) as in the past.

For the latest bilateral free trade agreement with South Korea Exemption from customs duties on exports of clothing, footwear, luggage, beverages, rubber, medicine, and agricultural products and electronic components to South Korea. South Korea is exempt from tariffs on exports of vehicles and electrical appliances, kitchen equipment and plastic products also to Cambodia.

As for agricultural products from Cambodia, they are increasingly being accepted by South Korea. Especially the turmeric mango, which is considered the top agricultural product exported to South Korea. It has negotiated with South Korea's Hyundai to develop pesticides. For more quality products and other agricultural products that South Korea is interested in importing from Cambodia as well.

This is an opportunity for Thailand to expand its business and bring knowledge and expertise in producing products into Cambodia whether it's a joint venture, being a full-service business consulting company or to set up a production base in Cambodia. It is an interesting alternative. In addition to the cheap wages can still use the tax privileges according to the conditions that Cambodia has fully cooperated with other countries.

In addition, Thailand is already a member of the RCEP. With Cambodia entering into a bilateral free trade agreement with South Korea CKFTA, Thailand will benefit from increasing the opportunity to accumulate origins in the production network of all 15 RCEP member countries, which use same origin criteria. This makes it more consistent and flexible and can also collect more raw materials for production from many sources. Thai entrepreneurs should prepare to take advantage of the RCEP agreement to expand exports to the South Korean market more including examining the benefits under various FTA frameworks and choosing to use them to suit the nature of the business.

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