What to do the export market in the ASEAN?

Exporting to ASEAN countries is an interesting alternative to expanding the export business. Why choose to export to ASEAN because it is a country with many factors that are similar. Whether it is culture, religion, economy and terrain. It is not difficult to customize products to be exported to consumers in that country. But before you market in the ASEAN countries, you must study this information first.

  • Study the value of money, study the weak currency and solidify to find opportunities to make profits in exports.

  • International and domestic transportation systems, must understand the method and delivery time. What type of transportation is needed to serve the customer.

  • Labor costs, choose the production base or wages, that is cheap to reduce production costs.

  • Values ​​and culture, study the values ​​and culture of that country to produce products that match with customer needs.

  • Language and price, write in local language so that consumers can more easily understand about our products and study the pricing to suit the cost of living in that country.

  • Terrain and air study,  the weather in each period of the country that we will export to adjust the product and package to that country.

In this regard, SCB has provided international transactions in Indonesian Rupiah currency. And international transaction services in Malaysian Ringgit currency. Which supports foreign trade transactions in both import-export, exchange services and forward contract other than other currencies that has already provided services.

For more information please visit  https://www.scb.co.th/th/corporate-banking/trade-finance/scb-import/scb-outward-remittance.html