8 Thai Start-Up Business –Strong Force Supporting SME

In the time that business world moves faster to match up the speed of consumers’ lifestyle, technology becomes an important help for business to meet the demands of the customers in any aspect. Let us take a look at 7 creative platforms of Thai start-up business that will bring SME business to another level in this digital era.



Problems that entrepreneurs always face are making a wrong quotation, sending products to the wrong location, missing products, running out of a product, lost product, or product gets stolen. This causes the cost of the product to increase unnecessarily. Zulu came in as a platform that will improve and solve these problems for SME business by acting as a medium in managing various important tasks, for example, managing bills, checking on sales, and managing inventories through the computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Zulu allows products to be delivered quickly, correctly, and punctually. It reduces the problem of running out of stocks as Zulu helps to track inventory and alerts when the product starts to run out. This provides enough time to restock as well as organizing customer data. The sales team can then follow up and provide service to customers fully.

At the same time, Zulu helps to manage documents professionally. It reduces the steps of selling, duration of work, and amount of document up to 70%. This allows for effective management and brings about an increasing profit. Click for information.Zulu

Choco CRM

A complete CRM platform that will help entrepreneurs to better understand their customers and win them over. Originally, CRM system was only limited for big business, however, Choco CRM becomes a solution for SME to be able to access a complete CRM system. This creates an understanding of customers’ needs and makes them feel like coming back for the service again. From providing assistance to SME and more than 1500 organizations, Choco’s CRM system is proven to be able to use in various business types ranging from restaurant, spa, car care, clinic, consumer product, etc.

Choco’s CRM system is able to take care of their customers entirely. Choco CRM has a membership system, point collection, and coupon package sold in front of the retail stall. Besides, Choco Loyalty creates a good relationship with online customers and turn customers into the regulars by Choco Loyalty Program. Apart from that, Choco Privileges provides extraordinary experience to the customers. Moreover, Choco Analytics analyses and classifies consumer behavior information in order to create an attractive campaign and brings out the brand’s utmost value. There is also Choco POS which is a retail management system that is easy to use, fast and accurate as well as Choco Social Hype which is a tool to manage social media markets such as managing Facebook Page, creating content, reviewing by influencers, etc. This allows the company to create an advertisement that will hit their target group precisely. If interested in the CRM system of Choco Card,  click here



Nipa is a Cloud Computing Platform made by Thai with an international standard. After 3 years of launching, Nipa provides Multi-Cloud Service which covers Local public Cloud, Private Cloud, Cloud Storage, and AI Solution by using a well-known open software system called “OpenStack”. The features of Nipa Cloud Platform (NCP) will be an important part that will support business growth effectively. For example, Self-Service Portal, Software Defined Storage, Private Network, Router, Firewall, Load Balance, Auto Backup, Unlimited Data Transfer, VPN, and Pay-As-You-Go, etc.

The advantage of NCP is the variety of solutions that meet the demands of the users at a more affordable price compared to other Cloud Computing Platforms. NCP also guarantees the efficiency and security that meets the standard of Information Security Management System ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and Project Management and Software Implementation Process ISO/IEC 29110:2018 for their customers in 21 countries worldwide. Click for more information.Nipa Cloud Platform (NCP)

Aris Live Commerce App

Thai online retailers have exceptional marketing skills that is second to none, especially, in 2019 where online selling took up to 40% of the whole E-Commerce and has a value of up to 300 000 baht. The popular sale method is Facebook Feature Live because it is easy to use and there is a growing tendency that people will be using this platform. However, Facebook Live is not designed as a platform for selling and so, it does not allow retailers to reply to the comments or check the amount of money immediately.

Aris Live Commerce App is designed to fix all these Pain Points by aiding online retailers to make an effective and attractive live selling. For example, shop logo and product photo can be displayed while doing LIVE, Automated Sales Service system that uses AI to automatically reply inbox messages, stock checking as well as informing customers on the bill value during LIVE. Click here for information on Aris.

Workforce by Seekster

Seekster is known as an application providing cleaners as well as technicians to customers at home. Behind Seekster’s success of more than 4 years, there is a Workforce system, which expands for business organizations to distribute tasks to relevant personals. For example, Snoot Professional Pet Care uses Workforce to distribute work to animal husbandry, Class Café that the work is distributed to part-timers, Eventpop distributes work to event staff, etc. The benefit of using Workforce is that it is a software system that is ready to use. Thus, it is time and cost-saving.

Apart from having a Workforce system to distribute work, Seekster has an E-Commerce system that is ready to use and provide advice in Digital Transformation to clients as well as organize a Corporate Training Program to create organizational innovation. If interested in the Workforce system, click here.



In online business, the weakness that many entrepreneurs tend to overlook is inventory management. It makes them clueless about the current amount of cash flow, profit, and loss. This could cause a financial problem to arise. Shipnity is a platform with a management system that deals with orders and inventory lists for online retails that will help SME businesses to manage their stalls effectively. Shipnity covers from order management, inventory system, Point of Sale (POS), barcode system, dealer system, shipping system through top logistic companies, and connection with Shopee/Lazada or Facebook/LINE OA chat as well as LIVE management (comments, bills, and orders). All these as one-stop-service. Click for more detail. Shipnity

Wawa Pack - Online Packaging Platform

Apart from the product, suitable packaging is an important factor that will attract customers. If you make the most delicious chili paste from your grandma’s recipe and sell it online, you will need to find a package that will go along with the product you are selling. In the past, many websites will have to be searched and information on price, samples, shipping, manufacturing capabilities, a term of payment, etc. will have to be asked. After much comparison and decision, it will take quite some time for the products to be delivered. These are all pain points that Wawa Pack intends to act as One-Stop Solution that will be the answer for all packaging problems for entrepreneurs.

Wawa Pack website gathers more than a thousand packaging suppliers, including several packages made from plastic, paper, metal, glass, foil, Bio-Eco, etc. This allows entrepreneurs to receive information from the factory at a fast pace. Importantly, there is a rating to gauge the reliability of the suppliers that could help in decision making. At the same time, Wawa Pack is a platform that suppliers can use for order management, online marketing presence, get new customers, and reduce leftover stocks. Click here for more information.Wawa Pack


Accountancy seems to be a complicated task with many data involved. But, with AccRevo, an online accounting platform, the accounting will not be a hassle to SME business anymore. AccRevo is an accounting intelligence platform with a document system and basic accountancy. For example, Accosystem which is an online document system that has a technology to transform picture file to text and technology to aid in basic accountancy, etc.

Apart from having A.I. Accounting Intelligence to assist in basic accountancy and lighten the burden on accountants, AccRevo is more than an accounting program because it has contacts of accountants that specialize in different businesses that will help to look after business as well as Tools Customise that will manage document to suit each business. Also, there is an Assistant system that entrepreneurs can examine the financial status of their business at all times through Dashboard that will summarise the business status daily and a document can be attached as a reference to make every payment identifiable. The form is correct according to the standard of the Revenue Department and the accounting department can continue the work immediately. All the information will be protected and secured on Cloud Service that has international standard with daily automatic Data Backup. Also, there is a staff that is taking care of and developing the system all the time. Click for more information on AccRevo Accounting Intelligence Platform.   AccRevo Accounting Intelligence Platform

Citation: NIA-SCB International Business Enterprise Seminar on “Reduce Cost, Increase Sales and Strengthen Business with Digital Platform” on 26 February 2020.

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