Account Types

  • SCB savings and current accounts only

Maximum Transaction Limits


Cash Deposits

100 – 30,000 baht/transaction

Up to 99,000 baht/day/account


Service Fees

15 baht/transaction
(The fee is subject to change as announced by SCB.)


Service Points


(1) SCB deposit service at Lotus’s counter

  1. Customer informs Lotus’s cashier of the request to deposit cash to SCB accounts (savings or current account only) and present an ID smart card to the cashier.
  2. The cashier inserts the ID card to the EDC machine to read the card data.
  3. Customer provides the following information:
    • Savings or current account number
    • Deposit amount
    • Mobile phone number
  4. Customer verifies transaction details on the screen (account name, account number, amount, and fee). If they are correct, press confirm to proceed.
  5. Present the cash and fee to the cashier.
  6. Check your change (if any) and keep the transaction slip for evidence.

Things to prepare:

Cash deposit:

  • Depositor’s account number (savings and current accounts only)
  • Depositor’s mobile phone number
  • Depositor’s ID smart card

Proof of Passport

Acceptable primary proofof identity includes, but is nolimited to, original.

Proof of address

A document issued by a government department that shows your address.

Contact Channels

Lotus's Call Center