Enjoy a seamless shopping experience

with MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by VISA when using SCB debit cards


            To increase the convenience and security of using SCB debit cards when shopping online, SCB has added a process requiring cardholders to register for MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by VISA before making online purchases. During the check-out process when shopping online, the system will verify the identity of the cardholder to ensure that they are actually the person who made the purchase by requiring the entry of debit card information to obtain an OTP (One Time Password) which will be sent via SMS to the customer's registered mobile phone number.

            However, some merchants may not require cardholders to register or enter an OTP because they have linked their payment system with SCB. Customers can be confident that the SCB system is just as secure as using an OTP, and it will make online shopping even more convenient for them.

           As of 8 October 2022, SCB has automatically registered new cardholders, and when shopping online an OTP for all debit cards will be sent via SMS to the mobile phone number last registered with the Bank.

Things you should know

           For secure online shopping, customers wishing to change their mobile phone numbers registered with the Bank or encountering problems such as not receiving an OTP when making a transaction, please contact the SCB Call Center at tel. 02-777-7777  


1. What should I do if I want to use my debit card to make purchases and pay for services online?

           For secure online transactions, customers should register for online shopping before making a transaction via https://vbv.scb.co.th/debit/activate .


2. What should I do if I cannot make purchases or pay for services online?

  • If you have not registered for online shopping, you should register first and try making the transaction again.
  • If you have registered but still cannot use the service, please report the problem to the SCB Call Center at tel. 02 777 7777.


3. Why are some online purchases allowed even without entering an OTP (after checking out)?

           Because SCB has implemented a security system enabling some merchants to link their payment systems directly with SCB, making online purchases even more convenient without having to request an OTP.่


4. Is it safe to shop online without using an OTP?

           It is certainly safe because the merchant's system is directly connected to SCB’s security system. It is therefore not necessary to enter an OTP before making a transaction.


5. Why is it possible to make online purchase with some merchants even if you haven't registered?

           Because SCB has developed a security system making payments for goods and services online even more convenient, so customers can purchase products and services without registration if the merchant has a system supporting newer transaction types.