• SCB provides Letter of Credit opening service when your company has agreed to pay a supplier by L/C.  You can issue L/Cs under the L/C credit facility set up with the Bank.
  • SCB prepares the L/C, including details, terms, conditions and trade documents, according to your agreement with the seller. We then send the L/C to your supplier via their advising bank.
  • When your supplier fulfills the terms and conditions in the L/C and sends the trade documents via their bank to SCB for payment, we will check to confirm all details. We then inform your company to make payment in order to receive the trade documents. Or, if we discover a discrepancy, we ask your company to consider whether or not to pay.
  • We provide L/C Amendment services for L/Cs issued by SCB, provided both your company and the seller agree to the changes in terms and conditions


Rest assured that your L/C will be issued correctly

L/Cs issued by SCB are well regarded and trusted both in Thailand and internationally

Prompt, accurate and trusted service from our experienced team including Certified Documentary Credit Specialists (CDCS), who are available to assist you every step of the way

SCB's convenient and secure online service allows you to issue L/Cs yourself 24 hours a day

SCB's International Trade Service Centers are available nationwide

  • An L/C reassures both your company and your vendor because it is a form of purchase confirmation from SCB. Buyer and seller can both transact with confidence since SCB guarantees payment.
  • Payment via L/C helps ensure that your company will receive the trade documents needed to secure release of goods from the shipping company
  • You can increase your company's liquidity by using the credit terms from the L/C
  • Assists in purchasing management and ensures that imports are received on time

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