Product Detail

SCB Payment Gateway lets your website collect payment from a customer’s SCB bank account. All payment transactions are carried out within a world-class security system, with real-time notifications. Downloadable reports support easy account reconciliation.


Your company receives payment from customer’s account in real time

Provides instant, automatic payment notifications to your company as merchant

Supports encrypted internet payment transactions with world-class security

Each transaction is secured with one-time password (OTP). Bank system sends SMS to your customer’s registered mobile number.

Saves time Speeds processes and operations (i.e., warehouse management, product delivery, etc.)

Saves cost Reduces cost of cash management and operations

Easy & secure

  • You can instantly and easily view transaction list
  • Safer than collecting payment by cash, with reduced risk of theft
  • Broadens your sales channels to reach more customers

Boosts image

  • Online offering keeps your company’s image up to date