Product Detail

SCB Business QR Payment* is an easy new way to get paid for goods and services without cash. Your company simply applies for service and links its bank account. You'll get your own QR Code in the format specified by the Bank. Your customer can use any mobile banking application to scan the QR code and instantly pay for your goods or services. SCB will send your company the payment result and the reference specified in the QR Code immediately upon each successful transaction. You can download the report via SCB Business Net for use in accounting.

* The technical name for the Business QR Payment is "QR Tag30," which is available only for a juristic person. An individual is eligible for a QR Tag29. The difference is that a QR Tag30 enables a payment report that can be reconciled with the company's bank account. The report can be downloaded from SCB Business Net. A QR Tag29 is a normal account transfer receipt and does not enable a report for reconciling account balance.


Convenient, fast, secure

Reduces use of cash

Receive payment from any bank

Get immediate confirmation of payment

Get report for easy account reconciliation

You can use multiple biller I.D. numbers to receive payments under the same account

Convenient: Reduce the hassle of handling cash.

Simple : You can register the service with only a single bank, yet you can receive payments from all banks.

Fast : Get paid the same day.

Flexible: You can download payment information and reports in real time in TXT, CSV and PDF formats.

Save time and cost. Reduce payment-related risk.