More than just a bank! SCB to offer first-ever tele-consultation service connecting health platform to SCB Easy App


Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) truly understands the health concerns of its customers, particularly with the COVID-19 situation in Thailand likely to continue to be an ongoing concern.  Now the Bank is making another bold move by developing an SCB Healthcare Ecosystem, a fully integrated healthcare solution offering a new medical care experience.  This new solution is designed to transform hospital visits into on-line tele-consultations, allowing patients to meet doctors easily via the SCB Easy Application.  It will also help avoid the constraints arising from social distancing requirements. Consultation with specialized physicians can be arranged virtually without having to visit a hospital.  This solution conveys our deep care for our more than 15 million customers.  During the launch period between 15 May – 15 August 2020, the first 500 customers registering for a consultation will receive a 10% discount on the consultation fee.  




In revealing the new solution, Ms. Poramasiri Manolamai, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Insurance Business Officer of Siam Commercial Bank and Chief Executive Officer for SCB Protect Co., Ltd. said, “Pursuing our business operations under the vision of being ‘The Most Admired Bank’ has allowed SCB to expand the scope of its business in various dimensions.  Our top priority is to fulfill our customers’ requirements and to create the highest satisfaction levels.  Healthcare service is one of our interests, and we have studied and conducted research to truly understand our customers’ healthcare requirements so that we can establish clear goals for achieving our objectives. We have therefore planned the development of products and services in this group under our SCB Healthcare Ecosystem model integrating all healthcare-related requirements to provide healthcare solution to our 15 million customers.  


With the coronavirus outbreak affecting our lives in so many different ways, particularly regarding health concerns, SCB has taken the opportunity to extend its healthcare capabilities even further.  This SCB Healthcare Ecosystem offers a new alternative, providing SCB customers easy access to tele-consultation via the SCB Easy Application.  Customers can make appointments with specialized doctors in advance without having to visit a hospital, saving time and money. Doctor’s consultation fees start at 250 baht per 15 minutes.  It is also reliable, as the services are carried out by specialists from various medical disciplines, such as oncology, orthopedics, cardiology, vascular diseases, gastroenterology, and more.  Tele-consultation has been becoming more popular in many countries, including China, the USA, and many European counties.  It has increasingly attracted interest in Thailand, and we anticipate that more than one million people will be using the service within three years.



Ms. Poramasiri added that, “SCB is confident that this tele-consultation service will serve as another option helping solve the problem of access to medical care for those living in remote areas, while saving both time and money for our customers.  In the future, the Bank will expand the capacity of its SCB Healthcare Ecosystem to cover even more healthcare services in accordance with its vision of being ‘The Most Admired Bank’.  We are committed to offering the best healthcare service to customers by expanding our collaboration with business partners in medical fields such as hospitals, pharmacies, and logistics companies, and other health related services, such as health foods, fitness gyms, and beauty clinics, in order to broaden the scope of our doctor consultation services.  The move is also in line with the popular Smart Healthcare trend, which will see exponential growth in the future and give more than 15 million SCB customers convenient access to the best in healthcare services.”



In response to ‘The Most Admired Bank’ vision, we recently started a new mission by launching SCB Multi Care Multi Claims for critical illnesses with SCB Life Assurance PCL, an FWD Group company.  The insurance features coverage for critical illnesses and a return of premiums in full if no critical illness conditions are experienced by the end of the contract.  This product was very well received, with a total of more than 300 million baht in premiums generated in the first quarter of this year.  We have also quickly launched COVID-19 insurance with Deves Insurance and Dhipaya Insurance in response to concerns over the COVID-19 outbreak. These plans have met with overwhelmingly acceptance, with more than 840,000 policies written within eight weeks.  To accommodate our customers, starting from April the SCB Easy Application will also enable customers to self-check their COVID-19 risk exposure. 


SCB customers interested in the tele-consultation service can register on the SCB Easy Application and click “COVID-19 Assistance Measures” and choose “Tele-consultation Service”.  The first 500 customers will get a 10% discount for doctor consultation fees from 15 May to 15 August 2020.  For more information, please contact the SCB Call Center at 0-2777-7777.