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“SCB” Takes Initiative to Tap E-Marketplace Recruits “SF” as First Partner to Sell Movie Tickets via SCB EASY Application “Happy Transaction” Concept to Reaffirm SCB as Digital Lifestyle Banking Leader




Bangkok – 6 March 2018 – “Siam Commercial Bank” (SCB) answers to the Bank of Thailand’s policy and becomes the first to officially provide an e-Marketplace platform. Highlighting “Happy Transaction” concept, it aims to create good feelings for SCB EASY users. In launching this e-Marketplace initiative, SCB has partnered with “SF” to deliver happy moments in the form of #wepreparemovieticketforyou. The partnership serves entirely new experiences to SCB EASY users as it becomes “so fast, so easy, and so convenient to buy a movie ticket” and they can really “walk straight into a theater”. Better still, movie tickets are available at just Bt80 apiece when paid by SCB EASY. With such convenience and special promotions, SCB expects the number of SCB EASY users to jump from six million today to 10 million by yearend.  





Mr. Thana Thienachariya, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at SCB, says, “Following the revamp of SCB EASY or our mobile-banking application in the middle of 2017, we have received really good response. Backed by our continued marketing activities, SCB EASY has already attracted six million users. Of them, between 70 and 75 per cent are active. Our service delivery has been improving constantly as we strive to respond increasingly better to the lifestyles and financial needs of digital-age consumers. So, the Bank of Thailand’s policy to allow banks and its financial units to provide e-Marketplace Platform becomes a good opportunity for us to upgrade our service further. Such platform enables a one-stop transaction channel. As the digital-lifestyle banking leader, we are fast in responding to the policy. Now, we are the first bank to officially launch e-marketplace. Our services are made available under the “Happy Transaction” theme. SCB EASY, as a result, will be a channel for our customers to tune into their happiness. We are materializing this concept by partnering first with lifestyle leader “SF” so that people can enjoy “SF cinemas” at the clicks of SCB EASY. Movie experiences are a form of lifestyle entertainment. They are conveniently available and serve much fun to people”.


Mr. Suvit Thongrompo, Chief Operation Officer at the SF Corporation Public Company Limited, says, “Just like SCB, we have the vision of serving as the digital-lifestyle leader. Selling our movie tickets via SCB EASY marks a milestone. With this partnership, we can upgrade digital services and respond better to new-generation people’s lifestyles. In the 4.0 era, movie goers have bought movie tickets online more than ever before. Our alliance with SCB EASY will make ticket purchase real fast and convenient for our customers. There is no need for them to buy or pick up tickets at our counters anymore. When conducting their transactions with SCB EASY, they can just produce e-tickets to our staff in front of the theater. As we make it real easy for people to access their favorite movie, we are in effect giving them more of happy times”.





“Before this, customers must go through two steps online. They had to reserve tickets via SF application or website before moving to a payment platform. But now, they can just open SCB EASY and click “Movies” icon. Then, the list of movies and show time will appear. They can easily choose what they want, including the number of tickets and seat numbers. With a few clicks, they can quickly move to payment step and get their e-tickets. Those e-tickets are valid for immediate entry to theaters too. This is an entirely new experience for movie goers. It is “so fast, so easy, and so convenient to buy a movie ticket” and they can really “walk straight into theater”. We are serving these experiences to create Happy Moments for our customers. As our move responds comprehensively to digital-age consumers’ lifestyle, we shine on firmly as digital lifestyle banking leader. To stimulate happy transactions, we are now offering a special promotion. Movie tickets are now available at just Bt80 apiece for all movies and screenings at SF Cinema from now till 31 July 2018. We expect to boost the number of SCB EASY users from six million today to 10 million by yearend,” Mr. Thana adds.


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