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Siam Commercial Bank and Chubb Samaggi Insurance unveil the “SCB Minions Plus Debit Card”. A Brand-New Debit Card with Superior Protection Covering Motorcycle Accidents and Robbery







              “Siam Commercial Bank” (SCB) has embraced the start of 2017 with a product release in the debit card category. Through a joint initiative with “Chubb Samaggi Insurance”, the “SCB Minions Plus debit card” attracts consumers with colorful “Minions” cartoon characters printed on the card front, as well as offering a host of exclusive privileges: personal accident insurance coverage, including motorcycle accidents - whether the cardholder is a rider or a passenger - as well as a robbery protection package.


              Miss. Pakachat Taychaburapanone, Executive Vice President, Siam Commercial Bank PCL. said: “We currently are known as Thailand’s most recognized issuer of debit card catering to all customer groups and are delighted to welcome 2017, in partnership with ‘Chubb Samaggi Insurance’, with a ground-breaking move to keep pace with consumers who are looking for both financial convenience as well as physical and financial security. The ‘SCB Minions Plus debit card’ positions itself as a first-class debit card combining a smooth experience in cash withdrawal, a preferred mode of payment for goods or services, and an insurance coverage that offers protection against personal accident and robbery. This debit card entices users with the beloved ‘Minions’ cartoon characters on the face of the card—emphasizing a sense of amusement.”


              Backed by MasterCard, the SCB Minions Plus debit card is a cash replacement card, allowing cardholders to use it to pay for goods or services and withdraw cash from compatible ATMs worldwide. In case of accidents, including motorcycle accidents, where the cardholder is a rider or a passenger, it also features well-thought-out advantages in accident benefit and medical expenses benefit. It also fulfills banking security demands with protection against robbery. To cater to the sophisticated needs of today’s consumers, The SCB Minions Plus debit card offers two choices - the SCB Minions Plus debit card with an annual fee of 799 Baht (automatically renewed) and the SCB Minions Super Plus debit card with an annual fee of 1,599 Baht (automatically renewed).


              Ms. Nittaya Piriyathamwong, Country President of Chubb Samaggi Insurance PCL. added: “Chubb Samaggi Insurance has a longstanding expertise in offering insurance services through a variety of distribution channels. We give great consideration to all our insurance packages for clients as well as business partners. SCB and Chubb Samaggi Insurance have been working together for a long time and, under this partnership, we always prioritize the particular needs of SCB’s clients. Thus, we constantly offer products and privileges to meet these different needs or lifestyles. We also provide excellent after-sale services to assure that our clients will receive the best experience from Chubb Samaggi Insurance.”






              Members of the SCB Minions Super Plus debit card will be covered for 400,000 Baht of general accident insurance coverage and up to 20,000 Baht of medical fees in an accident case. Consumers who choose the SCB Minion Plus debit card receive 100,000 Baht of general accident insurance coverage and up to 5,000 Baht of medical fees in case of accident. Both versions of the SCB Minions Plus debit card bring cardholders’ safety to a new level with 100,000 Baht of insurance coverage specifically for motorcycle accidents whether cardholders are on the motorcycle as a rider or a passenger. The personal accident insurance gives 24/7 protection worldwide and advance payment is not required if cardholders receive medical treatment at any of more than 200 contracted hospitals Thailand-wide.


              Cardholders are also protected against robbery within Thailand. This protection covers up to 10,000 of cash withdrawn from an ATM if the cardholder loses the money in a snatch theft or robbery. Cardholders will receive indemnity for loss of money caused by the use of stolen card for money withdrawal from ATM or payments made by an unauthorized person up to 20,000 baht if the card is lost to the criminal in a robbery.


              To raise awareness and encourage consumers to apply for this latest debit card, SCB and Chubb Samaggi Insurance are launching an integrated marketing plan across different communication and marketing platforms. The SCB Minions Plus debit card is available at over 1,100 branches of Siam Commercial Bank nationwide. Customers who apply for the SCB Minions Plus debit card starting from today will be rewarded with an exclusive Minions-printed folder until supplies last. Customers are invited to visit or SCB Call Center 0-2777-7777 for further information.