Careers at SCB

Step to apply job

(1) For first time applicant (never apply before)
  • 1.1 Click “Registration”
  • 1.2 Fill e-Mail address that is still currently used e.g.,,
  • 1.3 Set your own password for future usage with below password setting rules
    • Password must contain alphabet and number at least 8-characters long
    • Password must not contain same consecutive characters e.g. aa or 11
    • Password must not contain any part of e-mail address
  • 1.4 Please note/ remember your e-mail address and password for future usage
(2) For applicant who had applied for any job in SCB (not first time applicant)
  • 2.1 Fill your e-mail address and password that you used to register in “ Already Registered “ to start applying for Job
  • 2.2 In case you forgot your password please click “forget your password”. SCB will assist you with password reseting and send your new password to the e-mail address that you have registered with SCB.